18 Heartwarming Pictures Of Dogs That Teach Us What Unconditional Love Truly Means


By: Anuradha

have been man’s best friends for a long time. if you are a dog lover and if you
own a puppy, you will know what your dog really means to you. they are not just
your pet but a part of your family and they are the definitions of
unconditional love. When you are sick when you are worried and in your moments
of fear and loss, no one ever would be good as much as your dog to be with you.
They will listen to all what you say with a faithful glance and will never try
to judge you. so, no other reasons are needed to love your friend without any

A recent survey also suggests that dogs are much more intuitive than we ever believed them to be before. They can understand whether we are happy or sad by looking at our facial expressions and voice variations. They will never leave you alone in your moments of distress and they will try to lessen your pain in whatever the ways possible for them.

scroll down to see some such incredible dogs who never left their masters in
some crucial moments. They teach a good lesson for us humans and we are really
blessed to have such little lovers around us.

1. This is Tony who refused to leave his human after he was injured. The man had fallen down while pruning the tree next to his house. – KoreanAmericanGunslinger

2. Dogs know when the baby is sick. – u/L337v1n337/

3. My dog always stays by my mom when she feels bad. – u/theredviolist09/

4. He is waiting for his human to return home. –u/Nepkal

5. He is bringing water when his master is sick. –u/Wesley_Morton/

6. Chillin with my bro. –u/WhenInDoubtGoWithCC

7. The best doctors to take meds. – u/fessapuella

9. She is totally in love with the new human. –u/nerdgirlinatrailer

10. A sad goodbye. –u/Louvin

11. Her broken leg is looked after really well. –u/Rudyjax

12. Eddie; the therapy dog who rarely leaves the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. –u/StuffyUnicorn

13. When you blessed to have a faithful friend from your very young days. – u/ZeroTwitch

14. I’m sure that he knows I’m pregnant. –okayyymovingon

15. Birthday present. –u/[deleted]

16. Returning home to a good hug. –u/ShinyDisc0Balls

17. When you want to sleep together.u/Anastik

18. Hi human! –u/IrrelevantPancake

Cover Image Credit: powerfulmind.co

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