2 Dogs Get Shot And 1 Refused To Leave Her Friend


Two dogs were found in a backyard, and both seemed injured and terrified. One dog seemed to be better off physically than the other who couldn’t even manage the strength to stand. The dog who seemed less injured, now named Garden, stood watch… or better yet, stood “Guard” over her friend who is now named Peony after a very hardy flower.

The family who owns the home must’ve been quite shocked to see these helpless and injured animals out in their yard. Luckily, they called the Stray Rescue of St. Louis, and they knew exactly what to do to help.

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At first, they assumed that perhaps the dog who couldn’t stand had been hit by a car. But the reality was much, much worse, as they would soon learn at the vet’s office. Peony seemed to be very gentle, even though it was clear to see how much pain she was in. During this entire ordeal, Garden watched over her friend and kept a close eye on everything.

When it came time to transfer Peony to a blanket for transport, her rescuers were trying to be careful to cause as little pain as possible and to prevent getting bitten. Strange dogs in pain aren’t always thinking clearly. But sweet Peony gave them no issues whatsoever. They gently carried her to the car and sat her down as softly as possible before going back for her friend, Garden.

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Garden was also quite scared and shaken. They were able to get a slip lead on her, but she was so terrified she wouldn’t walk. The wonderful rescuers had to carry her to the car as well, and she immediately sat by her friend, Peony.

After a quick trip to the vet, it was discovered that Peony had been shot multiple times with pellets. She was covered in wounds from head to toe. She didn’t even have the energy to stand or sit up, much less walk. On further examination, it became clear that Garden was also a victim, sporting several wounds herself, including one to her temple.

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Although a terrible person or terrible people did these heinous things to this duo in friendship. And even though they were both in a lot of pain. They didn’t show one hair of aggression while strangers and veterinarians and vet techs picked them up, poked and prodded them, and gave them shots amongst many other things. These dogs held no grudges and are two genuinely bright souls.

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