21+ Photos That Reveal the Strength of the Human Spirit


By: Santo

Humans are said to be the most intelligent species living on the earth. We as humans become different from other animals because we have the power to think and act accordingly. If we need to help somebody we can help them as much as we want. We feel emotions and we are social beings who always want to live among others. We like to love others and to be loved back by them. We have the power to be kind to others and understand them. We can empathize as well as sympathize. These are the reasons why we are called the most intelligent species on earth.

Life can be incredibly hard at times and almost everybody encounters a period of time in life when circumstances become unbearably difficult. It’s no secret that the world we live in can be pretty depressing at times. There’s so much tragedy and hate floating around that often overshadows the positives in the world. However, there absolutely is good in the world and we love reminding others of this fact and being reminded ourselves. Here we have some photos that highlight the strength of the human spirit. There are many different people involved in this list that have gone through different life experiences.

People often find
it hard to imagine what life is like in other countries.
To some extent we all live separately from the outside world. But
there are some things which unite all of humanity. We all experience
the same wide range of emotions — joy, despair, hatred, love,
sadness, excitement, inspiration, desire. We’re all motivated to cut our
own path through life and struggle against obstacles to get what
we want.

These images will show you
how strong the human spirit is.

#1. The doctors express thanks to this boy with a brain tumor because he decided to donate his kidneys and liver. (J. Steinfeld / National Geographic)

#2. Seventeen-year-old Jan Rose Kasmir gives a flower to a soldier during an anti-war protest near the Pentagon, 1967. (Marc Riboud)

#3. She smiles because she got the divorce from her old husband and she’s just 10 years old. (Stephanie Sinclair)

#4. Kindness knows no difference. (Wojtek Kalka)

#5. Racism is not born it is taught. (Patricia Willocq)

#6. It’s the little things that can make us happy. (National Geographic)

#7. Poland. Prof. Zbigniew Religa who was a pioneer in heart transplantation surgery sits after a successful 23-hour operation, his assistant sleeping in the corner. (J. Steinfeld, National Geographic 1987)

#8. The patient outlived the doctor at the end. (Super Express)

#9. It was just one day before their wedding anniversary. (Manuel Balce Ceneta)

#10. Even a journalist is a fighter. (Horace Abrahams)

#11. She found the remains of her husband after 60 years. He was disappeared in the Korean civil war. (Andrew Renneisen)

#12. The little eskimoes in Russia. (nationalgeographic)

#13. She’s in a mission to save her cat no matter what! (Sam Grandgeorge)

#14. A man protests on Tiananmen Square, Beijing, 1989. (Stuart Franklin)

#15. She cries at the service for the victims of 9/11. (Christopher J. Morris)

#16. Ethiopia. A child of the Erbore tribe. (Eric Lafforgue)

#17. See the happiness on their faces! (Caroline Joan Peixoto, City Arts)

#18. They all pray for world peace. (Luke Duggleby)

#19. An Irish teenager who shouted at the British soldiers during the disorder in Northern Ireland.

#20. This boy is given back to his grandparents through a refugee camp fence in Kosovo. (Carol Guzy)

#21. Humanity at its best.

#22. She found protection. (Soldier_Scott68 on Reddit)

#23. Astronaut Anna Lee Fisher, the first mother in space. (Life Magazine)

#24. A woman from the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia examines “Vogue” for the first time. (Eric Lafforgue)

#25. These girls are from Tehran. (Humans Of Tehran)

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