21+ Terrible Pictures Taken By Real Estate Agents


By: Anuradha

Everyone wishes to have a perfect home. Having a beautiful house is a factor to be proud of and to show off among your friends. Before building that dream house, many people plan on everything from the beginning. They wonder about the perfect interior designs, whether it should be traditional or more modern, what are the colors that should be used and how should the furniture look like. You might be wondering between several choices but the same enthusiasm would not be there several years after the construction.

Particularly, when people leave apartments
for rent the house is at a terrible condition by the time they hand that over
to real estate agents and that is why real estate business is not smooth and
beautiful as we think it to be. By the time agents visit the house, it looks
like a living hell and here we have a collection of such pictures from a blog
called Terrible Real Estate Agent photos. Some of these pictures look really
scary while most are funny and the best thing is that these pictures were actually
used by advertising firms to show the good side of housings to possible

So, scroll down to see this hilarious and amazing collection and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

Image Credit & More info: terriblerealestateagentphotos

#1. This pool can even be mowed.

#2. Wake up Eric, the agent is here!

#3. Perhaps it says, “Surprise my coconut”

#4. This is the place where opening sight for many horror movies was filmed.

#5. The agent has dragged the body outside to take a nice picture.

#6. These young fire extinguishers are struggling to be adopted.

#7. You will never guess what I just passed on the stairs.

#8. Make an early start if you want to reach the sofa by sundown.

#9. When it is Christmas time.

#10. This is the best thing to do in a cold winter night.

#11. When you are about to see a pattern.

#12. You have to leave the fridge right where it is.

#13. The perfect place for mattresses to be.

#14. A sacrificial dungeon bursting with original features.

#15. Reasons why my fan is sad.

#16. If someone is looking for a script idea.

#17. When you like to be inundated by multiple confusing and contradictory reflections.

#18. When nature reclaims a dining room.

#19. Not yet Bernard. Feeding time is not until 6.30.

#20. That feeling when you enter a bathroom and don’t know where to start.

#21. When you were trapped between a wash cycle and you simply decide to sell your house.

#22. Which biblical scene do you like to paint on your walls?

#23. Have you come to save us or join us?

#24. The futility of existence.

#25. A tribute to my old wife.

#26. When you are welcomed by house owners.

#27. Sometimes, a desire for privacy can be a weakness.

#28. When you don’t get the hang of Feng-shui.

#29. The bedroom blight of 1704.

#30.Some like it horrible.

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