5 Dog Rescue Stories That Will Move You to Tears

There are many reasons why dogs end up on the street – from human betrayal to ” bad” behavior . But in all situations, pets feel sorry for the same. Fortunately, there are people who do not pass by abandoned animals. In this article – five stories of dogs that were once taken off the street so that they would finally find their happiness.


RosetteRosochka (source: Krasnodog Shelter)

It was the most ordinary day, the heroine of the story was going to work, when she suddenly noticed a dog on the pavement. She lay, stretched out along the road, and did not move. Apparently, she could not even eat or drink – there were filled bowls with food and water nearby. Leaving the animal in such a state was definitely impossible.

RosetteRosochka (source: Krasnodog Shelter)

So the pet ended up in the Krasnodog shelter, where she was given the nickname Rose. It turned out that the dog had a serious spinal injury and treatment began. When Rosochka came to her senses a little, the workers of the shelter discovered that she knew the commands “‎sit”, “‎lie down” and “‎give paw”. Probably, Rosochka was once home, but no one knows how she ended up on the street.

RosetteRosochka (source: Krasnodog Shelter)

But it is already known that the pet has found a home again! On the website of the shelter, the family noticed this particular dog and came for it. A personal acquaintance with a modest and affectionate pet only confirmed people in their choice. Rose has a happy future ahead of her.

AgronomistRosochka (source: Krasnodog Shelter)


Dog Khinkal was noticed on the street by a girl, but she could not help him on her own. Because of the pain, the animal simply did not let him near him. And only with the help of the guys passing by did they manage to catch the dog and deliver it to the shelter.

Sad Khinkal (source: Krasnodog Shelter)

Veterinarians diagnosed the pet with a serious injury to the front paw, bruises and abrasions. Perhaps the pet got into a fight or got hit by a car. Be that as it may, Khinkal had to amputate his front paw. But this did not make the pet aggressive. On the contrary, as he improved, he became more and more friendly and perky dog.

KhinkalKhinkal with a friend (source: Krasnodog Shelter)

Of course, such a handsome man could not be overlooked. Soon new owners arrived for Khinkal. Ahead of him is only love , goodies and hugs with dear people.

KhinkalKhinkal and his new family (source: Krasnodog Shelter)


konopushkaAgronomist (source: Krasnodog Shelter)

The students were returning from classes when they noticed a ginger puppy on the campus. The girls felt sorry for him – he was all alone, looked frightened and exhausted. However, the baby refused to eat. The students noticed that the pet’s paw was injured, and firmly decided to send him to a shelter.

AgronomistAgronomist (source: Krasnodog Shelter)

There, the puppy was given the nickname Agronomist and prescribed treatment. The six-month-old baby patiently endured all the procedures, and when he recovered a little, he began to reach out to people very much. But in the aviary he always hid in a corner – he was afraid that adult animals would offend him. In general, the puppy needed a caring person.

AgronomistAgronomist (source: Krasnodog Shelter)

And soon there was one! The agronomist was taken by a young man – now the dog lives in a cozy apartment with an owner who simply adores him.


konopushkaHemp before and after the shelter (source: Krasnodog Shelter)

People found a frightened, wounded dog of an unusual color at a gas station and decided to take it to a shelter. There Konopushka was diagnosed with an eye injury and multiple bite wounds. Most likely, stray dogs attacked the animal. In any case, Konopushka felt extremely ill and needed treatment. In addition, after an X-ray, it turned out that she had fractures of the sacrum and pelvis.

konopushkaCannabis has noticeably changed under the supervision of veterinarians and volunteers (source: Krasnodog Shelter)

Treatment, rehabilitation – and now the dog began to return to normal. It turned out that Konopushka is very diligent and strong, but at the same time soft. Shelter workers easily found contact with her. The people who came to visit also liked her, but no one took her away.

konopushkaNow Konopushka is happy (source: Shelter “Krasnodog”)

A year and a half has passed. Hemp made a full recovery, but never got used to life in a shelter. She yearned and every day lost interest in her usual activities. Yes, and the workers were worried that she would not become an old-timer of the shelter. But soon they came for Konopushka! Now the pet will live in the house of a young couple.


Poplar“I won’t bite… honestly” (source: Krasnodog Shelter)

On the first of January, there was almost no one on the street, so the girl did not immediately notice the dog lying on the road. After some time, the heroine managed to find people to move the animal to the side of the road. The pet looked weak and sick – they decided to urgently deliver him to the shelter. On the spot, it turned out that Topolka had injuries to his front paws and bruises – an operation was needed.

PoplarSad Topolek (source: Krasnodog Shelter)

But just a few days later, something happened that changed everything – Topolka was taken into the family! The operation will take place in a different place, and the pet will recover in a warm home environment.

Source credit: https://pets.mail.ru/stories

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