5 Shelter Dog Stories That Will Break Your Heart

Some dogs are born on the street, some grow up with their owners. But both of them may one day end up in a shelter. Sometimes it becomes a step into a new carefree life. We share the stories of dogs that once ended up in a shelter, endured many hardships, but still found their happiness.

Elderly Orange with a “human” look

dog shelterDog shelter (source: Unsplash)

Domestic dog Orange lost his owner when he was almost 10 years old. Yearning for a loved one, he had to live in the entrance. But one day the pet was noticed and brought to the Superdog shelter .

There was little chance that someone would take an elderly dog.

The shelter staff were not surprised when one girl came to take a walk with Orange… and went back. And Orange didn’t seem to care.

dog shelterDog shelter source: Unsplash

However, two years later, this girl returned, and then began to visit the pet regularly. It turned out that she noticed this dog for the first time – she remembered his special “human” look. And now, when I saw Apelsin again, I realized that I couldn’t leave him at the shelter: the dog was sick, looked bad, closed in on himself. The girl decided to take him. Her parents were against it – she had to move out. But now Orange lives with the mistress and feels great, and the parents eventually adopted the pet.

Fleeing from help Matiz

dog shelterDog shelter (source: Unsplash)

One winter, a group of women accidentally saw a small black dog jump out onto the road right under the wheels of a car. They immediately ran to the animal to help – but the dog turned out to be either very strong or too shocked and ran away. They tried to find him, but failed. It only happened the next day.

dog shelterDog shelter (source: Unsplash)

Women accidentally noticed a dog in the grass, only with a bandaged paw. This time, the pet could not escape and was rushed to the Krasnodog shelter. There it turned out that Matiz had a broken leg. The animal was fitted with a special construction to restore the bone. And although Matiz could hardly move, he still remained affectionate and friendly. When the course of treatment ended, one of the female assistants decided to take the pet into her family. Here is such an unexpected meeting on the road.

Lara, for whom they came from another country

dog shelterDog shelter (source: Unsplash)

Lara ended up in the Superdog shelter, like many other animals: she was found on the street and brought here. Weeks passed, but unlike other pets, Lara did not change.

As in the beginning, she remained sad and unsociable.

She did not gain weight, did not play with other pets and preferred to spend time alone. The dog seemed to melt every day.

dog shelterDog shelter (source: Unsplash)

The visitors spent time with Lara, but no one took her away. Once, they wrote to the shelter from a foreign number. And soon a stranger arrived and spent three weeks with Lara. The woman realized that she could not leave without this dog, and decided to take her with her. Despite the problems with carrying, with paying for tickets, with flights , everything worked out. Now Lara is happy – she has finally begun to recover, and there is no trace of her melancholy mood.

Vermouth, who was hit by a car

dog shelterDog shelter (source: Unsplash)

A small frightened puppy was seen near the road by two children. Turns out the kid was hit by a car. The guys did not know what to do, and decided to turn to a girl passing by. She was not at a loss and brought Vermouth to the Krasnodog shelter . It turned out that the pet’s paw was dislocated.

dog shelterDog shelter (source: Unsplash)

At the shelter, the dog began to undergo treatment. Over time, the shock of what happened passed – Vermouth became a playful and sociable puppy. One day they decided to take him to an exhibition of shelter animals in a shopping center. And there a charming puppy found its owners! Now Vermuth lives in a family and does not remember the sad past.

Pirate found in the entrance

dog shelterDog shelter (source: Unsplash)

The girl was returning home when she noticed a red-haired dog Pirate at the entrance.

He lay motionless and did not react to people passing by.

The girl became uncomfortable. But when she approached the pet, it turned out that he was breathing. The girl immediately took the dog to the vet. After that, the Pirate was sent to the Krasnodog shelter, where he began to undergo a course of rehabilitation from poisoning.

dog shelterDog shelter source: Unsplash

One day a visitor came to the shelter to give food to the dogs. He became curious about how pets live here. He did not plan to take anyone. But when the man noticed the Pirate, he realized that this dog is special. So the dog found its owner. Pirat is now healthy and happy: he lives in a private house with another dog and a loving owner.

Source credit: https://pets.mail.ru/stories/

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