5 Stories About Dogs Who Found Happiness After Living in a Shelter

Stray dogs face various problems – finding food, fighting for this food with their brethren, cold winters. But sometimes they get really bad – for example, when they get hit by a car. Fortunately, there are people who are willing to help. In this collection, we talk about the wards of the Krasnodog shelter , who survived difficult situations, but eventually found their home.

Gienich with problem paws

The girl went to the store and saw a dog across the road. He also noticed her and walked towards her. But he moved very strangely, as if on his hind legs. Later, the girl noticed wounds on her front paws – it looks like the pet had an open fracture.

DogSource: Shelter “Krasnodog”

The dog was quickly taken to the shelter. It turned out that Gienych – that was the name of the pet – really had a fracture. Moreover, both front paws were injured, and the fracture itself is not today’s. Apparently, Gienich was hit by a car and somehow survived for several days on his own.

At the shelter, the pet was in good hands. He had an operation. And the end of this story is even more joyful – the girl who noticed Gienych at the store took him to herself. Now they live together – perhaps it was precisely each other that they lacked for complete happiness.

DogSource: Shelter “Krasnodog”

Roy thrown out of the car

The woman was at a gas station when she saw something strange – a dog was thrown out of a passing car. A few days later, the heroine noticed an announcement that a dog already familiar to her was hit by a car. It became clear that the pet could not stay on the street.

DogSource: Shelter “Krasnodog”

When the animal was taken to the shelter, it turned out that his front paw was seriously injured. The dog was helped – and she quickly recovered, but still remained lame.

DogSource: Shelter “Krasnodog”

But soon the โ€œsmilingโ€ baby was noticed by the visitors of the shelter. Now Roy – that’s what the pet was called – lives in a loving family. Let him limp a little – this does not prevent him from enjoying life at all.

Little Seagull and her dangerous neighbors

DogSource: Shelter “Krasnodog”

Six-month-old Chaika was thrown onto an object guarded by dogs. There was no one to take care of the baby, and older dogs often offended her. And one day it came to a terrible point – they attacked Chaika. The staff managed to rescue the baby. But the pet still suffered: she could not step on her hind paw, whined, and looked so plaintively that tears welled up.

DogSource: Shelter “Krasnodog”

One of the employees could not leave it like that and decided to take the dog to the shelter. There it turned out that Chaika had a paw injury. Treatment began. Seagull recovered slowly – she just did not know yet that a big surprise awaited her ahead.

The woman who saved the baby could not forget her! And now Chaika lives with her beloved mistress.

Pirate hit by a car

DogSource: Shelter “Krasnodog”

The children were walking in the yard when they heard a sharp screech of brakes. It turned out that the car hit the dog, and the driver fled. The pet survived, but he whined and could not rise from the ground. The children called the adults, and they took the Pirate to the orphanage.

DogSource: Shelter “Krasnodog”

There it turned out that the pet had a fractured forearm – no wonder he whined so much. The pirate underwent surgery, and the rehabilitation period began. Surprisingly, the dog recovered very quickly. And soon one of the girls who saved the Pirate took him back. Now she constantly takes care of the pet and takes him home every night.

Found at the Security facility

The workers were surprised when they saw a small black dog at the facility – it did not look like a stray at all. A little later, when they talked to the locals, it turned out that the dog had been hit by a car. Indeed, the pet lay without moving, although it was breathing.

DogSource: Shelter “Krasnodog”

The animal was immediately taken to the shelter. Security – that was the name of the pet – did not find serious injuries. But the dog seemed to freeze, he did not react to anything. He may have experienced betrayal.

DogSource: Shelter “Krasnodog”

But the suffering of Security was destined to end very soon, because he was taken into the family! Now the pet is waiting for a completely different life – calm, well-fed and with caring people nearby.

Source credit: https://pets.mail.ru/stories/

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