Abandoned and Neglected Dog Finds Forever Home After Chance Rescue on the Road

Fil and Martina were driving along in the middle of nowhere when suddenly they spotted a small tan and white dog chasing their car.

At first, they thought the dog was playing but soon realized that something was wrong. There was not much nearby and there were no other cars on the road. The dog should not be out on the road alone, let alone chasing their car.

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Something was wrong and it became clear that the dog was begging them to stop. So, they did. The dog greeted them with a wagging tail so they gave her food and water. And, that’s when they noticed she was covered in fleas and ticks.

The thirsty dog’s fur was overgrown and she had gunk in her eyes. At first, they wondered if she possibly lived nearby but soon decided that her location and neglected condition meant she needed their help.

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They put her in their car and brought her with them. By then, they thought she may be lost so they stopped at the nearest village and asked in anyone knew to whom she belonged. No one did, not even the nearby farmers.

After checking the local shelter, they returned to where they found her to see if she might head toward home. Instead, she once again began chasing their car so they determined that she may have been abandoned in the mountains.

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So, once again they loaded up the little dog and took her to their RV where they bathed her and introduced her to their cats. The next day, she was taken to the vet. She wasn’t chipped or spayed and the vet guessed her to only be about one year old.

They began calling the cute dog Moxie and started searching online for her owners but they were nowhere to be found. Weeks passed and no one claimed her. But by that time, Martina and Fil were very attached to her and decided they were her forever home.

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Her new family loves and cares for her and she fits right in. Even the kitties learned to be friends with the adorable Moxie. Now, she is living the wonderful life she deserves and will never be left behind again.

To keep up with Moxie, you can visit her on Instagram. We hope you enjoyed her sweet rescue story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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