Artist Carves Avocado Pits Into Magical Forest Creatures


By: Anuradha 

People can find beauty in most uncommon
places. A thrown away dish can turn into a beautiful pot and some shattered
glasses might be worn as expensive ornaments by some. All that you have to do
is to give it a thought and your whole life would be changed into a newer

We are talking about the thrown away, uncommon objects because Jan Campbell has found beauty in something that most of us hardly pay any attention and she has proved that you can change your destiny if you change the way that you think and look at things.

Jan is another ordinary woman and one day
while she was preparing an avocado for lunch, she was struck by the beauty of
the pit inside. Most of do not even consider whether avocados are having a pit
or not and that is why we constantly remind you guys to change the way that you
think and look at things.

However, after weeks of pondering, Jan was
struck by the idea that she can change the pit into something beautiful. She
carved away its layers until some beautiful creation appeared and the final
result is just awesome.

Ever since that day, Jan has been turning
avocado pits into tiny, intricately detailed figures inspired by Celtic folklore.
She carves forest spirits, ancient goddesses and in her collection, there are
also mushrooms and some slight things. All these miniatures can be worn as
pendants and Jan says that they provide the holder with a unique sense of true

So, scroll down to see some of the beautiful creations made by her and just keep in your mind that you can also win the world if you look at things in a different perception!

More info: Avocado Stone FacesEtsy, Instagram,

1. When I first saw this it just blew my mind.

2. Calm old man in a sleep.

3. Beginning vs the result – Can you believe it?

4. Meditating old men.

5. They are so small but beautiful.

6. Music is better even for small people.

7. A little mushroom.

8. She is a princess.

9. King and queen.

10. Lets call it “we are tight like this sign”.

11. This deserves to called “The king”

12. Again meditating guy.

13. Spiritual leader.

14. Princess roaming around.

15. Fine place to meditate.

16. Group of leaders.

17. How cute these little things are.

18. Avocado pit into a face.

19. Faces.

20. Here are little mushrooms for you.

21. Little faces made by avocado pits.

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