Breakthrough Discovery Of Real-Life Dracula – Scarier Than Fiction

Scientists claim to have successfully extracted historical biomolecules from a 1475 letter from Vlad Dracula, the real-life character that novelist Bram Stoker envisioned as Count Dracula.

Vlad the Impaler, also known as Vlad Dracula or Vlad III, was the ruler of Wallachia (a historical region of Romania) from 1448 to 1477, more terrifying than the vampire count character in the novel because cruel tricks with the enemy, also nicknamed “tyrant”.

A portrait of the tyrant Vlad Dracula in real life

Although there are many historical documents about him, because the grave has not been identified, the picture of “real life Dracula” is still tinged with mystery. But now, 500 years after Dracula’s death, two historical Kazakh chemists – Gleb and Svetlana Zilberstein – claim to have successfully extracted Vlad III’s genetic material.

According to the Daily Mail, this breakthrough was thanks to a letter dated August 4, 1475, in which a man who described himself as “the prince of Transalpine” informed the townspeople of Sibiu that he was coming. live in their village. Under the secretary a terrifying name: Vlad Dracula.

Dracula vampire character in the movie

Speaking to The Guardian, Gleb Zilberstein said that the molecules they found were more stable than DNA and provide better information about the historical human environmental conditions, health, lifestyles and nutrition to which they belonged. about.

Research is ongoing, and they hope that these molecules will help paint a fuller portrait of this particular character.

Dracula’s castle exudes a gloomy, scary look that makes many visitors curious

Previously, these two researchers also extracted some genetic material from the manuscript of the Soviet writer Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita and found traces of morphine and proteins related to kidney disease, proving that The writer wrote it when taking painkillers for kidney disease.

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