Embroidery Tattoos Are A Thing And It Looks Cooler Than It Sounds


By: Anuradha

All forms of arts are mesmerizing. They give you a lot to think and stimulate your brain to think more and do more. There are many people who love to have tattoos and if you are one of them, then I think we have good news for you.

Tattoos are quite fascinating. The tattoo
on your body reveals a lot about your personality, your preferences and your
way of life and that is why many people think more than twice when they are
going to get one. It will mostly last forever with you and will be something
unique to you. So, for all those tattoo fans here we have big news!

What would you feel when two art forms are
combined? Well, you might wonder what art forms I am talking about! What would
you feel if tattoo designs are combined with embroidery? If your tattoos look
as if they have been embraided that would not only enrich the beauty of your
tattoo but also will add more color to your taste.

These richly textured designs look really
as if the ink has been sewn into the skin and take on an almost 3D appearance.
They have used a series of tiny x’s combining to former a bigger picture and
the final result is absolutely fascinating!

There is no doubt that you would fall in
love with these and maybe one of these can be your next tattoo goal too!

#1. The weaved bird. (polo_tatts)

#2. The blue gorgeous. (yomera1)

#3. When you are in love with little people. (dudalozanotattoo)

#4. Bird’s art. (yomera1)

#5. It’s simply weaved! (annatat_md)

#6. Woo-hoo! (dudalozanotattoo)

#7. Whoaaa! (evakrbdk)

#8. Hummingbirds (tabatatattoo)

#9. Hey there! (heirloomhalifax)

#10. Still snitching. (dudalozanotattoo)

#11. Mermaid! (cindymatza)

#12. The rosy! (yomera1)

#13. Whoaaa this! (dudalozanotattoo)

#14. The sewing machine! (cindymatzak)

#15. This is what you mean by true art! (tabatatattoo)

#16. Oops! (dudalozanotattoo)

#17. Shhhhhh! (dudalozanotattoo)

#18. This can’t be a tattoo! (thelilacelk)

#19. A true snitch. (yomera1)

#20. Minion Buddies! (dudalozanotattoo)

#21. Heart in your back! (yomera1)

#22. The cutie! (dudalozanotattoo)

#23. This is fascinating! (dudalozanotattoo)

#24. When it looks more than a tattoo. (dudalozanotattoo)

#25. Threads mean more! (yomera1)

#26. Absolutely fascinating! (kobieta_tattoo)

#27. The Flowery lady! (dinalitun)

#28. Me and my friend! (dudalozanotattoo)

#29. Okay, I am done! (dudalozanotattoo)

#30. Oh wow! (dudalozanotattoo)

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