EMT Adopts Grieving Dog He Finds While On His Way To The Hospital

Imagine starting a new great life with the person you really love, but it does not take so long. That’s exactly what happened with a twelve-old-dog called Sammy who loved her dad so much, but everything came to an end as her dad suddenly died.

But the fate just wanted to give another chance in life as 2 EMTs stepped up to help the sad pup. Tegan Sliva said that the pup was crying bitterly in her arms as she just did not to leave her dad.

So, Tegan and Kirk, her EMT partner, decided to take Sammy in as she had nowhere else to go but a shelter. Sliva said that they gave Sammy water and cleaned her up using wet wipes as she was covered in dust. Until Kirk finished work, his girlfriend took care of Sammy.

So, Kirk and his girlfriend decided to adopt Sammy permanently at the end of the day. She is now having a great life along with another big sister called Kaley. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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