Finding The Legend Of Using “Mermaid” Meat As Candle Oil In The Tomb: The Light Will Never Go Out


The ancient tomb was always lit by never-ending lamps called Truong Minh Dang, there is a legend that in order to do that, it is necessary to “meat” the mermaid fried in fat to make oil.

The ancients had many legends about the ancient tombs of kings and nobles. This place is woven by people to create scary stories about curses, ghosts, traps… Most of them are said to be fictional because few people believe in ghost stories in the age of science and technology. developed as it is now.


However, there is still one thing that even many scientists today still cannot properly explain, which is the lamps of Truong Minh Dang that burned for thousands of years in the ancient tomb.

Minh Dang School is one of the biggest mysteries in the history of ancient tombs

Truong Minh Dang often appears in ancient CE tombs of ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and Roman Emperors. These lamps are used with the belief that their light will illuminate the way for the dead and drive away the darkness.

The discoveries of this type of lamp have shocked the world when they know that they have burned for thousands of years without going out, contrary to all laws of physics and experimental chemistry.

The lamps will light the way for the dead in the underworld according to the oriental concept

In China, there is a legend related to these Truong Minh Dang lights that reveals why they can burn for so long. All thanks to a fat made from the meat of the Mermaid. If you have ever seen the film Mermaid by director Chow Tinh Tri, you must have imagined somewhat how many people in China crave for Mermaid meat in order to have immortality. They hunted and destroyed, causing the Nhan Ngu to hide in the cave.

The film Mermaid Chow by Chau Tinh Tri cleverly mentions environmental issues and the legend of “mermaid” fat hunting.

Also according to this legend, the fat fried from the meat of the Mermaids can light up the immortal oil lamps that will never go out, not even wind or water can extinguish them once lit.

Because of this feature, the fat of My Nhan Ngu was used as Truong Minh Dang oil in the tombs of kings and nobles in the past to be able to create bright lights for thousands of years without going out.

The Mermaid’s fat lamp never goes out, just like the legend that eating their meat is immortal

The horror of this legend has created many novels and feature films, perhaps the most famous being the series Ghost Blows the Lamp by author Thien Ha Ba Chang. With extremely successful film adaptations, Ma Blow the Lamp quickly became a “monument” in the line of novels and films with religious adventure themes.


However, from the point of view of science, everything has its own explanations. That’s why American physicist Simon Efik has spent 31 years of his life researching this type of lamp. He succeeded in using sulfur and some other fuels to create the Truong Minh lamp. But his lamp can only burn for 50 hours.

Simon Efik’s experimental lamp only lasts 50 hours

Over the years with the development of science and human civilization, the secret of the thousand-year-old lamps that do not go out in the ancient emperor’s tomb until now finally has an answer: The truth is that the Truong Minh lamps are true. Although capable of burning for a long time, it cannot burn for thousands of years as we often imagine.

It turns out that the Truong Minh lamp does not burn for thousands of years and does not run out of oil, all thanks to the tips of the tomb builder

The characteristic of Truong Minh Dang as well as other types of oil lamps is that they need air to maintain the fire. Furthermore, the wick of this type of lamp is said to have white phosphorus and easily ignites when it encounters oxygen. Therefore, this lamp is usually lit before the ancient tombs are sealed and will automatically turn off when the air in the grave is exhausted.

When the tomb is excavated, the air entering the interior will cause the lights to burn again

Centuries later, by the time the tomb was opened, the air rushed in, causing Truong Minh Dang to spontaneously burn again. Therefore, it can be said that Truong Minh Dang is not actually a lamp that burns continuously for centuries. In fact, it only glows when the ancient tombs are opened again!

However, this is just a hypothesis and so far has not been tested, so the mysteries of this lamp are still not really clear.

In your opinion, is this explanation really reasonable about the phenomenon of Truong Minh Dang in the ancient tomb?

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