Heart Stopping Rescue Of A Stray Dog Trapped In A Liquefied Rubbery Pool


One moment this little stray dog was walking along and the next minute it was drowning in liquid rubber that some thoughtless workers dumped on the ground.

When road workers were finished with their repairs, they carelessly dumped liquid rubber on the ground next to an industrial site known to be frequented by stray dogs. They didn’t give any thought to what might happen to an innocent animal or person who could stumble into it.

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Unfortunately, their negligent dumping ended up painfully trapping an innocent dog. The tan dog was just walking along when it got glued into a huge pool of liquid rubber, which quickly entombed it so that it couldn’t move.

The dog’s mouth was still sticking out above the rubber so that it could still cry. Fortunately, on that day, Supatra Baisri, 30, was passing by and heard the panic in the dog’s cries and stopped to try to help.

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He said: ”I couldn’t go into the rubber because I would have been stuck, too. I couldn’t even reach the dog with a stick to help her.”

Despite his wanting to save the dog from the toxic mix, it was soon clear that he’d be trapped in the sticky rubber, too. Not knowing what else to do, he called emergency services for help, and thankfully they responded to his plea.

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As the panicked dog lay stuck in the goo, workers quickly got an excavator and rushed in to help. In a heart-stopping moment, they used a giant backhoe to scoop the pup out of the oozing black rubber and plopped her and a mess of it on the ground.

But even though they had scooped her out of the pool of it, she was still stuck in a large puddle. They had to work to free her from the tarry mess that covered her body and would certainly kill her.

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When they finally freed her from the puddle, her torture was not yet ending. Now they had to remove the rubber that was welded to her entire body. But they didn’t give up and used Benzin Oil to loosen the rubber from her fur.

When she was finally freed of the oil, she went to the vet. She was injured but would now be cared for. The vet named her Mali and is keeping her safe. After her ordeal, we hope she never is homeless again and that there is no more dumping of molten rubber in the street.

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If she wasn’t found that day, this poor pup would have surely died. Thankfully, no one turned their back on her cries and worked tirelessly until she was free. We hope you enjoyed her amazing rescue story. As always, please share with your friends.

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