Homeless Dog With A Head Like A Pumpkin


This poor dog with a head swelled up to the size of a pumpkin was wandering Houston streets when rescuers noticed him for the first time.

When rescuers first saw him, they were not sure it was a dog. But once they got closer, they realized the poor dog’s head was swollen up to the size of a basketball and was almost too heavy for him to hold up on his own.

They decided to help the pup and began trying to catch him. But he would run away at every attempt. Finally, after searching everywhere, they found him hiding in an abandoned apartment building.

The dog was scared and unwilling to go with them. So, they had to trick him to get into a kennel. Fortunately, they were able to trap him so they could take him to the animal hospital where he could finally get the help he badly needed.

Once at the hospital, they realized the dog was only a puppy-maybe ten months old. He had a shoestring wrapped about his neck that had cut deep into his flesh. He had also been hit by a car and shot in the leg.

The abuse he endured was obvious and he was very fearful. He didn’t seem to have much hope, but he was compliant and allowed the vet staff to take care of him. Each day, he got a little more trusting and better.

After a month, he was finally well enough to leave the hospital. So, the woman in rescue who found him took him home to foster until she could find a forever home for him.

Once at her house, it was as if he always belonged there. He realized he was safe and transformed into a happy dog who loved everyone and all the other dogs that lived there with him.

It was soon apparent that this dog wasn’t going anywhere-he was home. He’d been through so much and his rescuer couldn’t part with him. He fit right into her family and was such a happy guy there.

Today, he has forgotten about his rough start and is an ambassador against animal cruelty. He visits schools to help teach kids how to be kind to animals and even won the hero dog award for shelter dogs.

It’s hard to believe this sweet and calm dog was once abused and abandoned. Once he arrived at his new home, he transformed into the special dog he is today. We hope you enjoyed his amazing story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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