I Will Only Marry You If I Am the Father | Paternity Court

In this compelling episode of Paternity Court, we delve into the intricate case of Lohman v. Mitchell. A young Texas couple, friends-turned-lovers, are on the precipice of matrimony. However, a lingering question threatens to shatter their plans: Is Mr. Mitchell, the groom-to-be, the biological father of their daughter, London?

Ms. Lohman is steadfast in her belief that her fiancé is indeed the father. But Mr. Mitchell harbors doubts, and he has made it clear: if the DNA results prove he is not the father, their impending wedding will be called off.

Adding another layer of complexity to the case, Ms. Lohman’s cousin steps into the fray, concerned that her cousin is being taken advantage of by Mr. Mitchell. As the case unfolds, past relationships, intimate encounters, and the paternity of young London are scrutinized.

Ms. Lohman admits to having been intimate with both Mr. Mitchell and her ex-boyfriend around the time of conception. Despite the swirling doubts, the couple got engaged during her pregnancy. But with the DNA test results looming, the future of their family hangs in the balance.

Join us in this emotional roller coaster of an episode, where love, doubt, and paternity intertwine. Tune in to witness how the gavel of justice falls in this complex case of love, commitment, and paternity.

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