Looking for 200 strangers who look like twins to take pictures, the photographer released a series of photos that surprised viewers

The set of images demonstrated the similarity phenomenon between complete strangers called doppelgangers.

Have you ever had someone comment that you remind them of a complete stranger you don’t even know? It may be a coincidence that they are named doppelganger (duplicate), just the case where 2 people are not related by blood, not related but still strangely similar.

Canadian photographer François Brunelle once published a series of images that resonated with this interesting phenomenon, titled “I’m not a look-alike!”. François Brunelle has been a portrait photographer since he began his career in 1968.

During the past 20 years, he traveled to many different countries and regions and realized his new idea: looking for identical strangers to take pictures.

François found his models while traveling and then brought two complete strangers together for a photo shoot. He said: “I found my first models simply through people I knew who looked alike. Then, when the media reported on my art project, there were more and more people. Many people come to participate.” As a result, Brunelle traveled to 25 cities, photographed more than 200 identical twins and released her famous set of photos.

Couples of different ages and even genders pose like in a family photo. The models in the photo also wear the same clothes and accessories. If not introduced first, viewers can hardly think that they are not related by blood.


Through the project of a Canadian photographer, many people have found their “lost twin”.

Even people of the opposite sex can be amazingly similar

Models were asked to pose like real family members

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