Man Attempts To Save An Unwanted Street Dog That Is On The Verge Of Death

Abandoned street dogs live a hard life. Foraging for food and water, dodging traffic, and relying on human kindness to stay alive, they don’t have it easy. Often, they are suffering, such as this dog that was found on the verge of death.

When the Rudozem Street Dog Rescue got a call about a dog needing their help, they had no idea of what to expect. But they rushed to the dog anyway. There they discovered that the dog was just a puppy, who was in very bad shape.

RSDR Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

The rescue had seen a lot of sick and injured dogs but the condition of this dog was heartbreaking. Injured, hairless, and malnourished, it was clear that without help, the puppy was going to quickly die alone on the streets of Bulgaria.

The dog was in a lot of pain so they approached her with compassion and kindness. Her rescuers were able to carefully pick her up but she needed immediate care, both physically and mentally. So, they took her on her first ride to the vet.

RSDR Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

The pup was so weak she could barely move. All her rescuers could hope for was that she’d find the strength to make it through the night. Miraculously she did and by the next day was able to have a bath to help cleanse her wounds skin.

Even in her weakened state and being in great pain, the dog began looking for love. She allowed her caregivers to help her and began to eat, a good sign that maybe she’d find the strength to pull through.

RSDR Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

It turned out that the puppy had a broken leg and would need a lot of medical care. She endured it all like a trooper, making many trips to the vet’s office, where she was eventually nursed back to health and wellness.

As she slowly recovered, her fur and personality began to shine. She began to act like a dog again, which was wonderful to see. Eventually, she was unrecognizable from her former self and was a happy, healthy, white, and brown dog that wore a huge smile on her face.

RSDR Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

They named the sweet dog Khaleesi. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, she was taken from a life of torment to one of health and happiness. All dogs deserve the best and even though they all can’t be saved; this one was and that is the best ending of all.

We hope you enjoyed seeing Khaleesi’s rescue and transformation. It’s amazing how far love and kindness can go. Her team of veterinarians was also amazing and helped her recover so that she could have a new beginning. Please share her sweet story with your friends.

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