Monika the Rescue Dog Gets A Second Chance At Life With Four Prosthetic Legs

Every life is precious and every single soul deserves a chance. Fortunately for Monika, a Russian rescue dog, she got a second chance at life when things didn’t seem to be going her way.

Despite her severe injuries and vet recommendations to euthanize her, Monika was fitted for titanium prosthetic legs and is adapting very well to her new life with new legs. This is Monika, a brave little girl who overcame so many challenges.
Following her severe injuries, doctors had recommended for Monika to be euthanized. However, thanks to her dedicated rescuers and a kind vet, Monika has four titanium prosthetic legs and another crack at life.
brown dog with prosthetic legs laying on a white blanket

Sergei Gorshkov, a veterinarian in Novosibirsk, Russia operated on Monika. This is not his first time; since 2015, he has fitted 37 animals with prosthetic limbs, but Monika is the first to respond well.

Gorshkov says that, two weeks following her operation, Monika was adjusting quite well in terms of her mobility and he estimates that she would be back to leading a normal life very soon.

brown dog with prosthetic legs standing in a corridor next to a man wearing spectacles and wearing blue putting a hand on her back

Gorshkov noted that he  was quite surprised by how soon Monika was recovering from the operation. He said, “I don’t think we were optimistic about that. But on the third day she started standing up and walking around the clinic, going from room to room.”
brown dog with prosthetic legs standing on wooden floor

In December 2020, Monika was found by some workers in Plastunovskaya, a village in Russia. She didn’t have any of her paws, leading her rescuers to believe that she had been abused.

Animal rescue volunteers Marina Gapich and Alla Leonkina took over the responsibility of taking care of Monika. Based in Krasnodar in Southern Russia, the two women were able to get Monika the medical care she needed. Monika’s damaged limbs were amputated and she received a much-needed blood transfusion.

brown dog with prosthetic legs sitting on the floor

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