Neglected Rescue Dog Is Unrecognizable After His Makeover


This dog was abandoned on the side of the road two weeks before someone stopped to help. The pitiful dog seemed resigned to his situation but fortunately, his rescuers thought he deserved better than that.

The large brown dog looked like a filthy mop. His fur had grown into long dreadlocks that were causing him pain and making it difficult to move. Whoever dumped him there was heartless and had no feelings.

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As he lay in the street, people passed him. For two weeks, he stayed there. Was he waiting for his owner to return or for a kind person to take pity on him? We’ll never know what was on his mind. What we do know is that his human let him down in the cruelest way.

When rescuers found him, he was so matted in his long dreads that he almost didn’t look like a dog. The first thing they needed to do was to get him groomed so that they could see what condition he was in under all the matted fur.

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As they began to clip him, they wondered how they would be able to help him best. But the appreciative pup made their job as easy as he could by laying still. He was such a good boy through the whole ordeal.

It took lots of time and patience to remove all his long fur. His skin was damaged, and he was covered in parasites that had been hiding under the mountains of matted fur. Removing all of it was like sheering a sheep, only this was a very neglected dog who should never have gotten to this condition.

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The dog was patient as his grooming went on and on. He seemed thankful for the help. He was grateful for every clip removing him from his hair prison. We can only imagine how it felt to feel the air on his skin again.

With pounds of filthy fur falling to the floor, the sweet pup remained content to let his groomer help him. He never growled or tried to get away. It was as if he knew she was helping him get better. Under all the fur, they even discovered a deformity of the poor pup’s paw.

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Finally, the fur was gone, and it was time for a bath, maybe the first one ever. It must have felt so good to be cleaned and all the parasites washed away, and the ticks gently removed.

When the pup was done his transformation was so remarkable that he was unrecognizable. The hands that groomed him were so kind and gentle. They truly turned him back into the handsome fellow he was born to be and delivered him from a life of pain.

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