Rescue Of An Abandoned Mother Dog Who Struggling To Feed Her Puppies


When rescuers were called about a mother dog who had given birth in a field and was now struggling to care for her puppies, they rushed out to save them but their mom was not there.

DAR Animal rescue found the puppies hidden in the field but their mom was nowhere to be found. It turned out that she had made sure they were safe while she went into the village for food so that she could eat enough to be able to produce milk to feed her puppies.

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Even though the puppies were well cared for, they were hungry, so the rescuers gave them food. It was their first encounter with people and the adorable puppies were quickly lured out with the enticement of food.

They were able to catch the pups and it turned out there were two of them. As they were being taken to safety, their attentive mom showed up to find out what was happening. She was a little shy but she was also hungry so she decided to follow the rescuers to their car.

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It was a little more difficult to get her into the kennel where her puppies were but she was trying to trust the people trying to help her. Soon enough, they also had her in the kennel so they could take the entire little family to the rescue.

Once they arrive, there were lots of dogs to greet the new family, who must have been overwhelmed by all the attention. But they managed to get to dogs safely inside where they’d have a warm shelter and food and people who cared about them.

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Even though they had been through a lot, the momma dog seemed to know she was safe and allowed herself to receive love and attention. Soon the puppies were wagging their tiny tails, happy with their new home.

Despite the harsh conditions they were living in, the puppies and their mom seemed pretty healthy. But to be sure, a vet will come and check on them. In the meantime, they fill their bellies and happily enjoy their new home.

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Soon they were settled in as if they had always been there. Playing and digging holes and enjoying their dog house. The cute dogs knew they were safe and would soon be moving on to their forever homes.

We hope you enjoyed their sweet rescue story. These rescue workers deserve our thanks and so much more. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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