[REVIEW] 23 Year Old Man with 7 Children Claims Daughter to be His | Paternity Court

In the video titled “23 Year Old Man with 7 Children Claims Daughter to be His (Full Episode) | Paternity Court”, we are introduced to a complex and emotionally charged case of disputed paternity. The central figures in this drama are three individuals – Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Grimes, and Ms. Railey. The primary issue at hand is the paternity of Ms. Railey’s one-year-old daughter, Kourtney Marie Grimes.

Mr. Lloyd, a young man of 23 years, already a father to seven children, was initially led to believe that he was the father of Kourtney. He was overjoyed at the prospect of welcoming another child into his life. He recalls, “I was excited, Your Honor. This is my first child. So I was excited and I was willing to take up the responsibility to be in Kourtney Grimes’ life” (Lloyd, 2018).

However, the joy was short-lived as Ms. Railey revealed that another man, Mr. Grimes, could also be the father. This revelation threw a wrench into the lives of all three individuals, creating a tangled web of relationships and responsibilities. Ms. Railey and Mr. Lloyd had begun their relationship shortly after she ended her previous one. When Ms. Railey announced her pregnancy, Mr. Lloyd was thrilled, as this would be his first child. The joy, however, was short-lived as Ms. Railey revealed that Mr. Grimes could also be the father.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Ms. Railey decided to give Kourtney Mr. Grimes’ last name, despite Mr. Lloyd’s belief that he was the father. This decision further muddied the waters, creating confusion and tension among all parties involved. Both men were involved in Kourtney’s life, with Mr. Lloyd even moving to Indiana to be closer to his supposed daughter.

The court case was initiated to determine the biological father of Kourtney. The DNA results revealed that Mr. Lloyd was indeed the biological father. The judge, in this case, advised Ms. Railey to take responsibility for her actions and to stop playing both sides. The judge also advised Mr. Lloyd to focus on his new role as a father and not to worry about his relationship with Ms. Railey.

Ms. Railey expressed her frustration with the situation, stating, “Either I’m gonna be with one of ’em or neither one of ’em. And I want it to come out today ’cause I’m done with it. Absolutely done” (Railey, 2018). Mr. Grimes, on the other hand, had a more blunt approach, advising Ms. Railey to “Keep your legs closed you won’t go through this” (Grimes, 2018).

Judge Lake provided some stern advice to Ms. Railey, stating, “We have counseling and resources for you. I want you to deal with whatever’s going on inside yourself that makes you give yourself away for free” (Lake, 2018). She also had words of wisdom for Mr. Lloyd, “If Kourtney was mine I’m gonna go down there and be a full-time parent with my daughter and support her to the whole nine yards” (Lake, 2018).

The judge, in this case, advised the young couple to work on their communication and to focus on providing a safe and loving environment for their daughter. The judge also arranged for counseling to help the couple navigate their complex relationship dynamics.

In this emotionally charged case, the importance of honesty, responsibility, and effective communication in relationships is underscored. The story of Ms. Sousis and Mr. Payne serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges that can arise in situations of disputed paternity.


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