[REVIEW] Babies Having Babies | Paternity Court

The video titled “Babies Having Babies (Full Episode) | Paternity Court” is an episode from Paternity Court, a court show that deals with paternity disputes. In this episode, Ms. Richardson accuses Mr. Smith of being the father of her daughter, Kalani, while Mr. Smith denies this, claiming he was out of town during the window of conception.

Ms. Richardson states that Mr. Smith begged her to have a baby with him and they were in an exclusive relationship. She recalls, “He had told me he was in a situation where he didn’t know if he were going to live a long time so he had said he wanted a child with me. Me, being young and dumb, and I was actually in love with him, I agreed on it.” However, he started denying the baby after she became pregnant. They had even gone to appointments together after she informed him of the pregnancy. The couple had tried to conceive for a few months, but ultimately decided to wait until they were more financially stable.

Mr. Smith, on the other hand, claims that it was Ms. Richardson who had baby fever. He says, “I wasn’t really thinking. When she was like, she had baby fever. And I was like, ‘Wow.’ I was only 19 years old. She was talking to me the whole time on the bus, saying she got baby fever.”

The court also hears from Mr. Smith’s twin sister, who testifies that Mr. Smith had doubts about the baby’s paternity and would often say it wasn’t his. There is also a discussion about a video submitted as evidence where a woman is accused of cheating on her partner with her godfather. The woman argues that the video only shows her godfather kissing her on the forehead, not on the lips, and that he is just a family friend.

The court also hears from a witness, Mr. Brock, who is asked about his relationship with Ms. Richardson. He responds by saying he has a close relationship with her and considers her his goddaughter. He passionately states, “I’m gonna keep it real with you, I would die for Briana. I would take my last breath for that little girl up on the screen right there. And that’s my goddaughter.”

The next witness is the mother of the twins involved in the case, who believes that Kalani is her granddaughter. The mother explains that the father of the twins has expressed doubts about Kalani’s paternity but has not taken a DNA test. She emotionally shares, “(SOBBING) I lost a son. Five years ago and he didn’t leave any kids behind. So I think, Bobby probably thought that he was going to die young and… Maybe that’s why he had the baby… I don’t know, but I’m hoping she is. She’s a beautiful baby. She’s a good baby.”

In the end, the DNA test results are revealed, and it is determined that Mr. Smith is the biological father of eight-month-old Kalani Smith. Judge Lake announces, “In the case of Richardson v. Smith pertaining to whether Mr. Brock or Mr. Smith is the father of eight-month-old Kalani Smith. It has been determined by this court. The biological father is… Mr. Smith.” The judge urges the family to seek counseling and resources to navigate the situation and avoid pushing the father away. The court is adjourned.


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