[REVIEW] Lived Together While In High School | Paternity Court

The video titled “Lived Together While In High School (Full Episode) | Paternity Court” is an episode from Paternity Court, a court show that deals with paternity disputes. In this episode, Ms. Whittaker is trying to prove that Mr. Schrull is the father of her two-year-old daughter, Brinleigh. Mr. Schrull denies being the father and blames his mother for coming between their relationship.

Ms. Whittaker and Mr. Schrull were in a committed relationship for three years and were planning to get married. However, when Ms. Whittaker became pregnant, Mr. Schrull’s mother expressed disapproval and said she couldn’t support the relationship anymore. Ms. Whittaker, speaking about her relationship with Mr. Schrull and his mother’s interference, said, “Because he’s a mama’s boy. She has never done anything but come in between our relationship. Even when we were having fights in our relationship, she was always in the middle of it. It was never just me and him, it was me, him and his mother.”

The couple had a close bond, as Ms. Whittaker explained, “We fell in love from the beginning. We were never separated. We probably spent three days apart in the entire almost three years we were together.” However, their relationship was strained when Ms. Whittaker became pregnant and Mr. Schrull’s mother refused to let him attend her doctor’s appointments. Ms. Whittaker was in foster care and separated from her family when she turned 18. She was accused of cheating by Mr. Schrull, but later it was revealed that she had cheated on him.

Ms. Whittaker was pregnant and dealing with the loss of her mother when she found out about her pregnancy. Mr. Schrull’s mother refused to let him attend Ms. Whittaker’s doctor appointments. She expressed her emotional turmoil, saying, “I finally had a family even though I just lost mine and she took my happiness away.”

The climax of the episode arrives when the DNA test results are revealed. DNA results confirmed that Mr. Schrull was indeed the father, and he apologized for putting Ms. Whittaker through the ordeal. He said, “Then I apologize. I apologize for everything, I really do. I’m sorry I put you through this. I’m just so happy after two years that you finally… You finally know you can finally start being there.”

The video concludes with Ms. Whittaker asking an important question about whether Brinleigh’s father should be allowed to see her, as he has not seen her since she was born. Judge Lake agrees and adjourns court to meet with them in her chambers. Ms. Whittaker reflects on her journey, saying, “I’ve been on my own for the past two years doing it all by myself. From 18 to 20, I’ve been doing it by myself.”

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