[REVIEW] Man Says He Has Zero Spiritual Energy With This Child | Paternity Court

In an episode of Paternity Court titled “Man Says He Has Zero Spiritual Energy With This Child,” we delve into a complex case that explores the intricate dynamics of relationships, paternity disputes, and the consequences of adult actions. This episode revolves around a woman, Ms. Garrett, who is trying to prove that Mr. Boyer is the biological father of her two-year-old daughter, Naomi, after a month of unprotected sex with him.

The episode begins with a heated discussion between Ms. Garrett and Mr. Boyer about the paternity of the child. Ms. Garrett is adamant that Mr. Boyer is the father, basing her claim on their sexual relationship. She opens the episode with a poignant statement, “It takes two to tango. We both wrong, we both did what we did and it resulted, the fact that we did, we created a beautiful baby girl.” Her words encapsulate the nature of their relationship, which was primarily physical, with no strings attached.

Mr. Boyer, on the other hand, expresses doubt about his paternity. He describes their relationship as casual, with no expectations of commitment. He voices his frustration, saying, “It shouldn’t have took two years for me to find out if I’m really the father.” His words highlight the casual nature of their relationship and his uncertainty about being the father of Ms. Garrett’s child.

The narrative takes a dramatic turn when the conversation shifts to child support. Mr. Boyer argues that the issue is irrelevant because he takes care of his children. The judge, Judge Lake, offers a perspective, “All children don’t have to look like the father. They can look like me, they can look like the grandma, you don’t know who they look like. It could be individual, or both of us.” Her words add another layer of complexity to the situation, further muddying the waters of this paternity dispute.

The situation becomes even more complicated when the DNA test is conducted. The results are revealed, and the court announces that Mr. Boyer is not the father. The revelation sends shockwaves through the court. Mr. Boyer expresses his disappointment, “I felt outraged, honestly. I was mad, because if Naomi is my child, then I missed two years of her life. I missed teaching her how to walk, I missed… You know what I’m saying, I missed a lot.” His words echo the pain and regret of missed opportunities and lost time.

Despite the negative result, Mr. Boyer shows his willingness to step up if Naomi was his daughter, “The first thing I would do is try to spend as much time with her as possible so she’d get used to me as a person, you know. I can teach her how to stay away from men like the man that I used to be.” His words reflect a sense of responsibility and a desire to make amends, despite the circumstances.

Ms. Garrett, on the other hand, apologizes for the confusion, “I’m sorry for wasting your time, you don’t have to have nothing to do with me. Don’t contact me, I won’t contact you. You can call me whatever you wanna call me. I’m completely fine with it.” Her words reflect her acceptance of the situation and her determination to move forward.

The episode ends with Judge Lake offering words of encouragement to Ms. Garrett, “Ms. Garrett, look at me. It’s out there now. You gotta stop beating yourself up and start building yourself up. Do you understand me? ‘Cause you gotta be strong either way now.” Her words serve as a beacon of hope and resilience, encouraging Ms. Garrett to rise above the situation and be strong for her daughter.

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