[REVIEW] Mom Wants Proof Of Son’s Paternity | Paternity Court

In a riveting episode of Paternity Court, a Michigan mother, Rainey, seeks proof of her son’s paternity. The defendant, Matthews, is the man she claims to be the father of her children. Rainey admits to sleeping with another man during the time of conception, but insists that this was only because Matthews refused to accept his responsibilities. She is also suing Matthews for $4,663.50, his half of the expenses for the children in question, Salih and Renaya.

Rainey passionately states, “I had a rough life. When you don’t have nobody and that’s all you have is somebody does really nothing, to lean on. When you can’t lean on, that’s what you gotta do.” She admits to having a long-term relationship with Matthews, but expresses her frustration with his lack of commitment and responsibility. She says, “I’ve been dealing with him off and on, and it’s my fault because I allowed him to do the things that he did. And as long as I allowed him to keep playing me the way he keeps playing me, he gonna keep playing me that way. But at this point in time, I’m done. I’m tired and I’m fed up. Period.”

Matthews, on the other hand, maintains his doubt about being the father of Rainey’s children. He claims that Rainey is known to be promiscuous and even named her son after another man. He says, “I have to say that it’s not possible that this can only be between me and one other person. She is known to have family trees in her.”

The tension escalates as Rainey reveals that Matthews has not been supportive or present in their children’s lives. She says, “I can’t even get $2 from him to get on a bus to take his kids to the doctor. Enough is enough. I’m tired of taking care of these kids on my own.”

The judge, Lauren Lake, admonishes Matthews for his lack of respect towards Rainey and his potential children. She says, “I don’t care what she’s maybe done in the past, the fact remains is that she’s the mother of your children. You got to do better on that level.”

The DNA results confirm that Matthews is indeed the father of both children. The judge awards Rainey the amount of $4,663.50, which is half of the money she has spent raising the children without Matthews’ help.

Rainey’s final words echo the sentiment of many single mothers who struggle to raise their children alone. She says, “All I ask for is, just be there. Teach my son how to tie his shoes, teach my son how to play basketball, teach my daughter to not want to have a man like you. Teach them. All the other stuff, material things, ’cause they’re good, they don’t need it, they got me and they got God. So, they good.”

This episode serves as a stark reminder of the importance of parental responsibility and respect in raising children. It also highlights the struggles and resilience of single mothers like Rainey, who despite the odds, continue to provide for their children and fight for their rights.

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