[REVIEW] My Gay Best Friend Got Me Pregnant | Paternity Court

Ms. Weir and Mr. Wilson had been friends for eight years, and their relationship was initially platonic. They met when Ms. Weir was attending hair school and would see Mr. Wilson on her way there. They would hang out, have potlucks, and enjoy each other’s company. At the time, Mr. Wilson was dating men, and Ms. Weir considered him her gay best friend. As Ms. Weir puts it, “I met him probably like, eight years ago, just passing through the city. I was going to hair school at the time. I would see him, on my way to hair school. We would hang out, with each other you know. Potluck you know. He cooks something, and I cook something bring it over to his house or he’d come over to my house, you know. Long talks. You know. This is my gay best friend. You know.”

However, their relationship took a turn one night when Ms. Weir invited Mr. Wilson over to her house to watch movies and have drinks. She made a move on him, and he didn’t push her away, leading her to believe that he was interested in her as well. Mr. Wilson claims that he was seduced by Ms. Weir after they got intoxicated. He recounts, “Basically, after she got me drunk, she started feeling up on me and stuffs. So… And, and you know, it went from oral and from there…”

This unexpected turn of events led to a night of passion that would later result in a paternity dispute. Ms. Weir, believing that Mr. Wilson was the father of her child, was shocked when he denied paternity. She was left to raise her son alone, while Mr. Wilson moved on with his life.

Ms. Weir admits to dating and being sexually active with other men at the time, some of whom she used protection with, but not all. She had relationships with three other men besides Mr. Wilson, all of whom were tested and eliminated as the father of her child. This further complicated the situation, as it raised doubts about Mr. Wilson’s paternity.

Mr. Wilson, on the other hand, insists that he used protection during their encounter and that he is not the father. He believes that Ms. Weir is trying to use him because he has moved away from Tennessee and done better for himself. He states, “I’m not the father, Your Honor. Like I said, I’m not the father I don’t know, what to tell her you know, I love my godson and all, but I’m not the father, Your Honor, this is…”

A DNA test was conducted to determine the paternity of Ayont’a, and the results confirmed that Mr. Wilson is not the father. Ms. Weir then reveals that she knows who the biological father is, but did not mention him in her testimony because he is deceased. The episode ends with the judge advising Ms. Weir that there are ways to still identify and confirm the DNA of the deceased man, for the sake of giving Ayont’a the opportunity to know his biological father’s family.

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