[REVIEW] Tricks and Dicks: Two Men Are Caught In Woman’s Web of Lies Paternity Court

In this episode, a man named Mr. Jordan claims that the defendant, Ms. Heim, tricked him into signing her daughter’s birth certificate and being a father. However, two years later, he was told that another man is her biological father. Mr. Jordan wants DNA proof that he is not the father so he can get his name removed from the birth certificate.

Ms. Heim admits to being unfaithful to Mr. Jordan but insists that he is Caitlyn’s father. She says that Mr. Jordan abandoned her and her daughter. She is determined to prove paternity in court.

Mr. Jordan believes that Ms. Heim was intentionally deceitful. He says, “She tricked me into thinking that I was the father. She tricked me into thinking that Caitlyn was my first daughter.” He also mentions that he was there for the whole birth and even for the “nasty afterbirth.”

Ms. Heim, on the other hand, insists that she was not deceitful. She admits to having sex with another man but maintains that Mr. Jordan is Caitlyn’s father. She says, “I only had sex with one man when we were together. I met Chris, and all of a sudden I became pregnant. So, I know Chris is the father.”

The episode takes an emotional turn when a DNA test is conducted to determine the paternity of Caitlyn. The results reveal that Mr. Jordan is indeed the biological father. Despite the tension and emotional turmoil, the family decides to move forward, with Mr. Jordan expressing his intention to continue being there for Caitlyn.

This episode serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and emotional turmoil that can arise from uncertain paternity situations. It also highlights the importance of honesty and responsibility in these circumstances. Mr. Jordan’s words resonate as he says, “I love that little girl. I was there, I cut the umbilical cord, I passed out. Like, I was there, you know, I sung happy birthday when she was born.” Despite the pain and confusion, his love for Caitlyn remains unwavering.

The episode also sheds light on the impact of deceit and manipulation in relationships. Ms. Heim’s actions not only affected the men involved but also her daughter, Caitlyn. The revelation of the truth, although painful, ultimately sets everyone free from the web of lies. As the judge says, “It can’t hold you hostage if you set yourself free.”

The episode concludes with a powerful message about the importance of truth, responsibility, and the impact of our actions on the lives of others. It serves as a reminder that while the truth may be painful, it is necessary for healing and moving forward. The episode ends with Mr. Jordan being confirmed as Caitlyn’s biological father, a truth that brings both relief and a sense of responsibility. Despite the pain caused by the deceit, Mr. Jordan remains committed to being there for Caitlyn, a testament to his love and dedication as a father.



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