[REVIEW] Woman Wants To Prove She Didn’t Cheat With Her Ex | Paternity Court

The episode revolves around a complex paternity dispute involving a woman named Bracknell, her ex-boyfriend Butterfield, and her current fiance, Dallas. The central issue is the paternity of Bracknell’s two-month-old daughter, Carrah.

Butterfield, the plaintiff, asserts that he is Carrah’s biological father. He accuses Bracknell of denying his paternity because she fears the revelation would disrupt her current family with Dallas. He states, “She hid this from me eight months. Hid my daughter from me for eight months. And wasn’t there for her to be born.” He expresses his frustration and disappointment at not being present for his alleged daughter’s birth and accuses Bracknell of hiding her pregnancy from him.

Bracknell, on the other hand, vehemently denies Butterfield’s claims. She insists that Dallas, her fiance, is Carrah’s biological father. She believes that Butterfield is only asserting his paternity to cause discord in her family. She says, “The only reason why he’s doing this is to break up the family you now have with your fiance, Mr. Dallas.”

Dallas, Bracknell’s fiance, also firmly believes that he is Carrah’s biological father. He presents a calendar as evidence, outlining the timeline of his relationship with Bracknell and the end of her relationship with Butterfield. He asserts that based on the timeline, it is impossible for Butterfield to be Carrah’s father. He says, “So, you say Carrah was conceived in mid-September. And she was born in June. And she ended the relationship with Mr. Butterfield at the end of August, am I correct? So you’re saying, if we count back, there’s no way Mr. Butterfield is Carrah’s biological father.”

However, Butterfield disputes the accuracy of the calendar. He claims that he and Bracknell were still intimate even after their official breakup. He says, “Because, honestly, we were sleeping together after that. All the way up until October eighth, the last time we had sex. ‘Cause I remember. I can take a lie detector test if you want to prove it.”

The tension escalates as the parties argue over the baby’s physical resemblance. Butterfield points out that all of Bracknell and Dallas’s boys have blonde hair, while Carrah has brown hair like him. Dallas and Bracknell, however, insist that Carrah shares physical features with their other children.

The video concludes with the results of a DNA test, which confirm that Butterfield is indeed the father of Carrah. The judge announces, “In the case of Butterfield v. Bracknell/Dallas pertaining to two-month-old Carrah Dallas… and whether Mr. Dallas or Mr. Butterfield is the biological father. It has been determined by this court Carrah’s biological father is Mr. Butterfield.”

Despite the revelation, Dallas maintains his commitment to Bracknell and Carrah. He states, “Yes, Your Honor, I’m going to love her the same, she’s my little daughter. She is going to be my daughter, I’m going to raise her. I’m going to raise her. Nothing is going to change. Nothing’s gonna change. I mean I’ll love her to death just like I do now, before, today. I’ll love her the same.”

This episode serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and emotional turmoil that can arise from uncertain paternity situations. It also highlights the importance of honesty and responsibility

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