Scared Puppy Bursts Into Tears Once Getting Help


After being in a tragic accident, rather than rush this tiny puppy to the vet for help, his owners abandoned him and left him to suffer.

When the young puppy was discovered, he had serious injuries. He’d been suffering alone and neglected and had broken bones as well as other injuries. His situation was so sad, even his rescuer burst into tears when they heard his cries.

Once at the vet, the puppy had an MRI to determine just how badly he was hurt. He was also hand-fed and for the first time in a while, show some love and care. But his situation was serious and his future unknown.

Despite his treatment, he wasn’t out of the woods. At the vet, his abdomen filled with fluid, making it hard for him to breathe. Despite this, the tiny puppy never gave up and the vet staff continued to fight for him.

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It would take many surgeries to help him heal but as long as he had the will to live, they would continue to treat him. Miraculously, the puppy continued to get stronger and was soon able to eat and drink on his own.

Just a tiny puppy with so much pain and suffering, at least now he had love. His heavy cast on his leg was a constant reminder of all he had been through.

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The days passed and the puppy they now called Inuta slowly began to get stronger. He started to show signs of enjoying life, like playing with a simple toy. Although he was unable to run around like a normal puppy, he still enjoyed chewing on them.

They didn’t want the pup to be alone, so they brought her a gentle doggy friend to keep him company. She made constant progress with her new friend by his side and was much happier.

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With his new doggy friend by his side, his personality began to shine. Turns out there was some feistiness inside that tiny, wounded body that was just waiting to come out. Even if he had to do it from his bed.

We wish Inuta well as he continues to heal. He certainly didn’t deserve to suffer alone but thankfully those days are behind him now. Although he still has some battles to fight, the little dog has shown no sign of giving up.

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