Successfully “reincarnated” the face of the famous handsome man of Egypt – Pharaoh Ramses II

British and Egyptian scientists have successfully recreated the digital portrait of the famous Pharaoh Ramses II, who went down in legend with his talent, power and handsomeness.

According to RT, the research team led by Professor Sahar Saleem from Cairo University (Egypt) scanned the mummy of Pharaoh Ramses II and used this data to build a digital model to reconstruct the face. famous ruler of Egypt nearly 3,700 years ago.

With the mummy’s well-known integrity, the researchers successfully reconstructed the skull, then overlayed layers of facial muscles – the structures that define the appearance of the human face.

Portrait of Pharaoh Ramses II in his youth is kept by an ancient statue – Photo: SET OF ANTI-Egypt

Combined with data on the characteristics of the Egyptians of that period, the team succeeded in bringing 90-year-old Ramses II “back in time” to the present world. That was the actual age when he died and was mummified.

They continue to use computer technology to “turn back time”, recreating the portrait of the pharaoh at the height of his power, when he was only 45 years old.


Because this famous ruler is not only famous for the heyday of his reign, but is also described in many documents from ancient times to movies and stories about modern Egypt. an extremely handsome emperor.

Portrait of the famous pharaoh at the age of 45 – Photo: LIVEPOOL UNIVERSITY JOHN MOORES

According to Professor Saleem, in the middle age, the pharaoh clearly displayed the “Egyptian standard” beauty with a high nose and strong jaw, suitable for the youth described as a great warrior.

Pharaoh Ramses II was the 3rd pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty Egypt, ruled the country from 1279 to 1213 BC, is considered the most powerful king of the New Kingdom of Egypt.

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