The Caspian that survived. The story of a dog with a difficult fate from Penza

An obstinate guy, a leader by nature, Caspian was not always a strong and strong dog. In May, residents of Penza found him on the street in a terrible state. Volunteers of the Helping Hand for Homeless Animals Foundation fought for the dog’s life for several weeks – and this summer he finally got on his feet . Together with Good we share the story of this dog!

CaspianSource: Helping Hand for Homeless Animals Foundation

The Caspian was found on the street in Penza in the spring of 2022. Large, stately, he staggered along the road from side to side, like an autumn leaf. People immediately understood: the dog needs help. And sounded the alarm. This is how they learned about him in the Helping Hand for Homeless Animals foundation.

CaspianThe Caspian is undergoing rehabilitation (source: Helping Hand for Homeless Animals Foundation)

The dog was diagnosed with extreme dehydration, tics and confusion. Neither analyzes nor tests for viruses gave a clear picture. One diagnosis refuted the other – but soon it was possible to understand: once the Caspian had been ill with the plague of carnivores , and it led to the defeat of the nervous system. Now the dog has impaired coordination, a sense of his body in space, and tics constantly occur.

Rescuers from the Helping Hand for Homeless Animals fought for the life of the Caspian Sea for a long time: they restored the water-salt balance and constantly checked blood counts. This would not have been possible without a biochemical analyzer, for which money was raised thanks to donations from ordinary people.

Source: Helping Hand for Homeless Animals Foundation
For people like the Caspian, help centers for homeless animals are the only chance to find salvation. Let’s support the “Helping Hand for Homeless Animals” and give tailed animals in trouble a little care and joy.
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