The mysterious noise like the roar of a dragon makes the Chinese villagers flee in panic and the Unexpected Truth


The mysterious noise caused the Chinese villagers to flee in panic and the unexpected truth.

Thousands of villagers in Guizhou, China have fled their homes because they heard a mysterious sound that made them panic, thinking of an earthquake, according to Express.

Accordingly, strange sounds echoed throughout a village in China, causing many people to flee because they were too scared. Some described the strange sound as sounding like a dragon’s growl while others described it as more like a tiger’s roar.

Thousands of people rushed up the mountain after hearing a mysterious sound that scared them.

Some suggested it could be the sound of fault lines beneath the village’s ground, raising fears that an earthquake could be imminent.

However, others say that this is the sound of animals in the wild.

In the end, Guizhou officials sent teams of experts to search the area to unravel the mysterious sound that had frightened many.

Many people believe that it is the roar of a dragon. Illustration

It turned out that the mysterious sound that scared many people came from the yellow-footed quail.

Zoologists later confirmed the sound did in fact come from a small bird, only larger than a sparrow. It’s a yellow-footed quail.

Despite their small size, yellow-footed quails make very loud and resonant calls.

During the breeding season, the loud calls of yellow-footed quails can be heard up to 100m away.

Mr. Liu Fuqiong, a local teacher, claimed to have seen a quail squealing like that.

“It chirps twice or three times continuously every 6 or 7 minutes. The sound is very deep, I think it’s also quite strange,” Mr. Liu emphasized.

The director of the wildlife protection center of Guizhou province also told reporters that similar sounds have been heard many times in the province.

People were very scared mixed with curiosity when they heard strange sounds

“Residents in other areas of the province have heard similar sounds before. But they are not too bothered about it,” he said.

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