The mystery of a beautiful mannequin with lifelike skin, hair and blood vessels: Is it a mummy?


La Pascualita will probably be one of the first names mentioned when you want to know about the mystery of Mexico because of the legend-tinted stories surrounding this famous mannequin. It is rumored that, in fact, La Pascualita is the mummy of the daughter of the owner of the wedding dress shop where it is displayed.

La Pascualita is not only famous for its sophistication and beauty but also a great mystery to the world until today. So what are the stories of this mysterious mannequin?

Visitors stop to admire La Pascualita.

La Pascualita – Treasures of the wedding dress shop

On March 25, 1930, La Pascualita appeared in a wedding dress shop in Chihuahua City, Mexico and quickly became the focus of discussion of residents here. People who do not have the need to choose a wedding dress will also come to the store’s glass counter to see this beautiful mannequin.

La Pascualita is so beautiful and delicate, from rosy skin, realistic hair and especially beautiful eyes that attract soul. After the admiration and amazement passed, people began to have strange speculations about it, because when anyone came here and appeared to be enamored with La Pascualita, the owner of the shop would ask: “Everyone Do you think it looks like me?”

The mannequin is considered the treasure of the wedding dress shop.

Shivering mysteries about the beautiful mannequin

Speculation seems to have increased as the supposedly strange phenomena began to occur around La Pascualita. These phenomena are likely rumors, but since most of them come from the mouth of the bridal shop staff, many people believe it and spread it widely.

It is said that at that time, residents here once saw a woman wearing a wedding dress, sitting in the corner of a shop and crying. Until they asked, this woman was silent again, did not answer. Then someone suddenly pointed at this person’s face, which turned out to be La Pascualita.

La Pascualita is extremely beautiful in a bridal gown.

Not only that, the former owners of the store and the employees also testified to the creepy story they had witnessed about this mysterious mannequin.

They said that when they changed her dress, they could clearly see that her skin was poreless and smooth just like real human skin, and then on dark nights, before they closed the shop and left, La Pascualita seemed to be all the same. are following them.

Not only that, a former employee of the store, Sonia Burciaga, also said: “I believe the mannequin is a real person. The feeling when holding her hand is like holding a real person’s hand, there are veins under her feet. “. This person also said that he had seen a mannequin blinking.

The smooth skin, fingernails and even the finger strokes make people believe this is a mummy. 

Not stopping there, some other people also said that La Pascualita could change her standing position when the night before, at the time of closing the store, they saw her left foot step higher, but early the next morning. then the right foot steps up. The manager who used to sleep at the store also said that once she saw La Pascualita walking around the store, looking in the mirror, fixing her hair and even fixing the skirts of other mannequins.

American scientist Yolanda Robles once confirmed that this mannequin is exactly like a real person. The scientist tried to pinch La Pascualita’s hand and confirmed that it was just like real leather, not only that, this mannequin also had fingernails and fingerprints.

It felt like La Pascualita changed her facial expression.

The eyes weren’t lifeless like a normal mannequin.

Rumors of mummies

The mystery of La Pascualita has given rise to many legends. However, to this day, it is still believed that La Pascualita is the mummy of the daughter of the shopkeepers at that time. Ms. Pascuala Esparza is the daughter of the shop owner, but unfortunately, she died on her wedding day from being bitten by a poisonous spider. At that time, Pascuala’s mother said that she would bury her daughter at her house soon after.

However, people here still believe that La Pascualita (also known as Little Pascuala) was mummified by her parents and displayed at their wedding dress shop.

The rumor gained more and more confidence because the mannequin was very similar to the late daughter of the shop owner. 

Because of this belief, they once informed the local authorities with the desire to lift the veil of secrecy about La Pascualita, but due to the lack of solid evidence, the autopsy was not conducted. One can only conclude that this mannequin resembles Pascuala because her father used the image to make La Pascualita.

But rumors about La Pascualita still did not stop, because it was seen that the owner took great care of this beautiful mannequin. If someone compliments her, she will be happy, happy; If anyone looked at her, talked about her, they would have to suffer curses from her. Therefore, it is still rumored that La Pascualita is Pascuala, her parents mummified her to hope that one day their daughter would come back to life.

People here often stop to see the beautiful La Pascualita.

To this day, nearly a century has passed, the wedding dress shop has changed hands many times, but La Pascualita is still an unsolved mystery. However, it can be clearly seen that this beautiful mannequin has become a source of attraction for tourists to visit the Mexican city of Chihuahua because many people want to see La Pascualita, the legendary mannequin.

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