The Vet Tried To End The Puppy’s Suffering But It Wasn’t Ready To Give Up


No one knew how long the puppy lay on the side of the road when they finally found him but he was crying in pain from an injury and covered in flies.

Once at the vet it was determined that he had a severe head injury and he was unable to stand. The vet thought the most humane thing to do would be to end his suffering but the little dog wasn’t ready to give up.

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So, they took the puppy to a specialist for an MRI. They suspected the puppy had been hit by a car and even though they gave the sweet little dog strong pain medication, the puppy was still crying out in pain.

The puppy was suffering and it was a miracle it was alive. But by day four, it was clear the little dog was exhausted but had not given up. How much longer could it go on? No one knew but it was still fighting.

Miraculously, it began to eat and seemed calmer than before. As long as the puppy was willing to fight, they were willing to continue trying. Little by little, the puppy began to improve very slowly.

So, they named the puppy Sky and continued to watch the fight. As days passed, the puppy continued to get a little stronger but still wasn’t out of the woods. There was still lots of crying and sadness and pain for the little dog.

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But then the breakthrough came. The puppy got up and walked for the first time. This was the beginning of a new stage of recovery, one that they thought would never happen but Sky fought so hard for.

Then one day, Sky was even stronger and got to go outside for the first time. What a great day to be well enough to explore the world, walk in the sunshine, and smell all the wonderful plants growing in the yard.

Despite all the odds against Sky, the puppy beat them all! What a little survivor. The little dog can now even wag its tail in happiness. He was even adopted by a woman who loves dogs and has a brand-new life.

We hope you enjoyed watching Sky’s amazing fight for survival. The dog truly is a little warrior and we hope that there is nothing but health and happiness for the puppy from here on out. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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