Woman Hilariously Recreate Celebrity Instagram Pics, And The Result Is Better Than The Original


By: Anuradha

You all must have seen how a man recreated
Kendall Jenny’s Instagram pictures recently. It went viral and it was
absolutely hilarious. But the pictures recreated by Celeste Barber were way
funnier than those pictures as she has recreated these pictures not through
photoshop, but by actually dressing up like the originals and by posing like
figures that she imitates!

She has poked into the lives of these celebs and has created her own story. Even though she is not skinny or maintain a proper figure like the famous figures that she imitates, she has given a new definition to beauty and it is clear that her whole idea behind this project is none other than to make some fun and give a burst of laughter to people.

When she posted these recreations in
Instagram, it went viral earning he many followers. People were absolutely
fascinated with these funny creations and most of them were waiting until she
posts more pictures. Her recreations are really funny and it also makes us
aware of how our ordinary lives can be very different from the fake world
created through pictures. So, in a way, Barber’s attempt to be funny also make
us aware of the huge gap between appearance and reality.

So, scroll down to see some of the funniest pictures of Barber and you can find more on her Instagram page.

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Facing the white light.

2. I of course only eat.

3. The kissing couples.

4. Poking the nose.

5. Merry Christmas everyone!

6. Spider-woman position.

7. The sofa lifters.

8. The women in ash.

9. Hey there!

10. The muddy love.

11. Don’t ever dream of touching my wine.

12. Oh, shut up!

13. BBQ.

14. How the hell I grow this fat!

15. It’s time for trees!

16. The happy couple.

17. I stopped the train by myself!

18. Down the stairs.

19. Cheers!

20. Sunbathe with wires.

21. The pinky girl.

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