Yana, The Chimera Cat Who Looks Like Her Parents Ran Out Of Ink


Being two-faced is typically viewed as a negative trait. Except if you’re Yana the cat. This cute chimera cat, as you can see, has the most exquisite, distinctive markings. She appears to have run out of ink while being colored in by her parents!

In July 2016, a classified ad for the cat appeared on the Belarussian website, Nasha Niva. She quickly found a new owner as she was searching for one! Elizabeth, a design and architecture student from Orsha, Belarus, who attends the National Technical University in Minsk, is currently her companion. Not only that, but she has amassed over 80k Instagram followers and has become a web celebrity! However, we are not overly surprised. It’s impossible not to like that face!

The Minsk-based Yana, in contrast to most Instagram-famous animals, is well-known due to a genetic anomaly. The interesting cat, known as a chimera, has cells from many zygotes, giving it a distinctive coloration and beautiful “two-faced” look.

We’d say she’s the perfect kitty version of Batman’s two-face. Almost like two cats in one!

She reminds us of a cartoon character… Did you know that she was named in honour of Janus, a Greek god that is believed to have two faces!

A cat going on a walk! That’s not something we see every day, let alone a chimera kitty!

Yana looks whimsical in the snow.


Shh she’s taking a nap.

Now who put you up to this, Yana? While the rest of her body is one shade of fur, even her paws look like little socks!


Yana’s one photogenic cat! She’s truly a different kind of cat.

Her enlarged pupils make her look even cuter!


“How much longer do I have to pose, human?”

Yana seriously owns the camera! We think this is our favorite.


Yana with her human, Nasha. They says pets tend to resemble their owners. We kinda see it!

Image Credit & More Info; yanatwofacecat/Instagram

Source credit: https://whatzviral.com/yana-chimera-cat-her-parents/

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