19 Fun Photos Of Cats High On Catnip


By: Anuradha

you ever tried giving something sour to a little kid to eat? most of them are
not aware of the taste and when they eat it, you can see a whole lot of funny
emotions on their face. In the same way, most cats love this mint smell coming
out from certain plants and when they are given some to smell, you can see a
lot of reactions to that.

The animal photographer, Andrew is quite famous for his photographs of cats and speaking about himself he says that he used to be allergic to cats but now he lives with his girlfriend, his three own cats and some other foster kittens outside their home. He recently finished a book about cat’s love for green stuff and here we have few shots out of it.

There is no doubt that this book would be a hit as pictures themselves seem much fun and cool. Andrew has captured cats in their weirdest moment and there is no doubt that you all will fall in love with these pictures. So, scroll down and let us know what your favorites are!

Image Credit & More Info: bit.ly

#1. This is the way how you look at your favorite ice-cream.

#2. When you need his attention.

#3. Four stages of falling in love with green.

#4. Okay, I am done.

#5. When you don’t want to share your foods.

#6. When you want some more.

#7. When your brother asks you to show what you ate.

#8. A pure catnip moment.

#9. Me with my favorite food.

#10. Don’t judge me.

#11. Aww, I love this!

#12. When posing is important than eating,

#13. I’ll be cute once I’m done with eating.

#14. Give me some more, please!

#15. Me with foods.

#16. Eating with grandeur.

#17. Hey there, are you looking at me?

#18. Whoa, the smell!

#19. Who ate all of it?

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