Dog Has To Say Goodbye To His Owner After Being Apart For Over A Year


Chadol and his owner were inseparable best friends. Then one day the old man had an accident that kept him from his beloved dog for over a year.

Before grandpa fell, Chadol and the old man spent every moment with each other. They were often seen together, and the community looked forward to seeing the two of them. It was clear, Grandpa and Chadol meant everything to each other.

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But then one day a family friend received an urgent call from Grandpa. He had fallen and needed help. She rushed to him and found him lying on the ground with his faithful dog, Chadol, by his side.

Grandpa was taken to the hospital, but it would be a long time before he’d see his beloved dog again. Chadol had to stay with a family friend, but he never stopped waiting to be reunited with Grandpa.

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Then a year and a half later, the day finally came. The friend taking care of Chadol would take him to visit Grandpa for the first time since his fall. The hospital called and asked them to come.

Chadol seemed to sense that something special was about to happen because he got very excited. When he arrived at the hospital, Grandpa was wheeled out and immediately began calling out to his little dog.

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Chadol greeted Grandpa with some kisses on his face and a wagging tail. Grandpa cried happy tears as he shared that he prayed Chadol wouldn’t get sick while he was away. Even as he holds his dog, he asks him, “are you well?”

Even though Grandpa has been sick, he’s also worried about his dog’s health. And, then the nurse shares that grandpa won’t be going home because his health won’t allow it. Sadly, Grandpa is no longer able to care for himself.

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Grandpa knows he can’t take care of Chadol so he has to entrust his sweet dog to his friend. He wishes his dog good health and then says goodbye for the last time. But it means a lot to him to know that his best friend is in good hands and will be provided a loving home with a new foster family.

We hope you enjoyed this sweet story. We’re so happy that Chadol and grandpa are both cared for and are safe. Please share their story with your friends.

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