Little Rat Loves To Cuddle And Snuggle With His Dog Friend


The black German shepherd named Nuka lives in a house filled with all sorts of other animals such as rats, kittens, and rabbits. So, he definitely has experience in interacting with other animals and it is safe to say that he is obsessed with baby animals. Though big in size, Nuka possesses a gentle soul and is very sweet. Thus, the small creatures are never afraid of their dog brother.

According to Nicole Yates, Nuka’s human owner, “Our vet said, when he was younger, that he was wise beyond his years … because he’s generally so placid and relaxed.” Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the local pet shop had to shut down. The shop looked for homes for the poor animals there, before closing their doors.

Kindhearted Nicole decided to adopt a rat and she then named him Blue. The tiny creature was ecstatic about finding a new home as well as a caring older brother. Blue loves Nuka to an extent where he follows the doggo everywhere he goes. Blue also enjoys napping on Nuka’s comfy fur as it is a perfect spot for a good nap.


“There was this immediate clear connection between Blue and Nuka compared with my other rats. It was more so Blue who seemed to adore Nuka! He loved snuggling into Nuka’s fur and if I put him down on the floor he would run to find Nuka,” expressed Nicole. Apparently Blue is a placid rat. If Blue is asleep, then Nuka makes sure that he doesn’t move in order to avoid waking his buddy. That is how much Nuka cares about Blue’s happiness.


Blue just loves being with the doggo and lays next to him. The rat even snuggles on Nuka’s mane and belly. At times Nuka covers Blue with licks and the rat does not appear to mind this. How beautiful is the bond that this doggo and rat share?

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