Panda “Daycare” Exists And Is Most Adorable Place On Earth


By: Anuradha

can hardly be any soul who is not in love with pandas. The little panda babies
have won the love of not only little kids but of many adults and many stuffed
animals were created because of this great admiration that everyone has towards
these cuties. 

The Chendgu Research Base in China have created a beautiful place for these little animals which provide them safety and love and there is no doubt that this place is the most adorable and cutest place in the whole world. The most important thing is that this place has become vitally important for the survival of the endangered pandas who are facing the risk of getting disappeared from the world.

daycare is actually a specialized breeding center and nursery that breed new
pandas to revitalize the dwindling wild population which is small as 1,864. It
is not easy to breed these animals as they require special environmental
conditions to live and therefore, each panda cube is given special attention by
care-takers. Even though pandas are lovely there would soon be a day that they
would extinct from the world if we do not give right support to breed them in
specially-made environments like these.

are able to breed for only 2-3 days a year and they give birth only to one cub
every two years. Even those newly bred cubes are not easy to take care of as
they are likely to be affected by extreme weather conditions and many external

if we can get together and work to propagate these animals more and more,
surely their future would be assured in some way. You can even help them by
providing funds for institutions which provide protection and affection for

So, here we have some pictures of these cuties that you would like to have a look and don forget to share this and make others aware of the destiny of these little pandas.

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