[REVIEW] Man Says He Never Even Knew Woman’s Name | Paternity Court

In a recent episode of Paternity Court, a dispute between Ms. Jones and Mr. Joyner was brought to light. Ms. Jones claimed that Mr. Joyner, her ex-boyfriend, was the biological father of her eight-month-old daughter, Hazel. “Ms. Jones, you claim the defendant is an ex-boyfriend who got you pregnant and now refuses to do anything for your eight-month-old daughter Hazel?” asked Judge Lake, setting the stage for the case.

Mr. Joyner, a responsible US Military veteran, vehemently denied these allegations. He was certain that he was not Hazel’s biological father. “Mr. Joyner, you say you are a responsible US Military veteran who would never neglect a call to duty and are 100% certain you are not her child’s biological father. Is that correct?” Judge Lake confirmed.

Ms. Jones expressed her frustration and the struggles she faced as a single mother. “He has not done anything. Babies cost a lot of money and I’m a single mother and I can’t do it on my own and Hazel really needs her dad in her life. He is her father,” she insisted.

Mr. Joyner, on the other hand, was adamant about his stance. “Honestly I just… I don’t feel like it’s my baby. I don’t feel like it’s my baby… I am a US veteran. I am a military veteran, and I will take… I do take care of my responsibilities,” he stated.

Judge Lake questioned Mr. Joyner’s decision not to take a paternity test earlier, given his claims of responsibility and his financial capabilities. “When you say in open court that you are a responsible military veteran, and you said she saw you from a mile away because of the way you live and what you have and you have a home and you have this… If you say, ‘I’d like to have a paternity test.’ If you know she doesn’t have the means and the answer is important to you, and there’s a baby on the line that could potentially be yours, why not just say, ‘I’m going to pay for it. I’d like you to bring Hazel and let’s get this done.'”

The case reached its climax when Judge Lake announced the results of the paternity test. “In the case of Jones v. Joyner, when it comes to eight-month-old Hazel Jones, it has been determined by this court, Mr. Joyner, you… are the father.”

Overwhelmed by the revelation, Mr. Joyner expressed his remorse. “I’m sorry for denying her. She’s beautiful,” he admitted. Judge Lake offered some words of understanding, “You’ve lost some time and I can see from your reaction, you know, you worked yourself up to believe there was no way she could be yours and you know what? I understood why, because you had been in a situation where you bought in, you believed it, you even felt it and then it wasn’t and you probably were in some ways protecting yourself. It was almost probably a defense mechanism, like, ‘I’m just not buying in until I know.'”

The episode ended on a hopeful note, with the promise of Mr. Joyner stepping up to his newfound responsibilities and the prospect of Hazel finally having her father in her life.

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