[REVIEW] Mother Lost Son and Daughter on the Same Day | Paternity Court

The video titled “Mother Lost Son and Daughter on the Same Day (Full Episode) | Paternity Court” is a heart-wrenching episode from the Paternity Court series, where a mother, Ms. Lyte, is desperate to find out if her deceased son, James, fathered a child prior to his death. The episode revolves around a paternity dispute involving Ms. Kyles, the mother of 14-month-old Ava, and Ms. Lyte, the grandmother.

Ms. Kyles opens the case to prove to Ms. Lyte that her deceased son, James, is the biological father of her daughter, Ava. She states, “Ms. Lyte isn’t the only one that’s hurt. I’m hurt too, and that’s my child’s father. She wasn’t a mistake. We planned her, and me and him were together. That was my boyfriend. And I loved him, and he loved me. And he loved his daughter. We were his family, so I understand she’s hurting and that’s her son, but, me and Ava are hurting, too.”

Ms. Lyte, on the other hand, expresses her doubts about Ava’s paternity. She claims that Ms. Kyles is a pathological liar and, as much as she would love for a piece of her son to be here, she doesn’t trust that baby Ava belongs to him. She shares a heartbreaking incident where a bullet hole was found in the car seat Ava was sitting in when her son was shot, saying, “I don’t know what stopped the bullet hole from hitting my grandbaby other than God.”

Ms. Kyles reveals that she initially decided to give Ava away to a family member, who named her Skylar. However, a week later, she wanted her baby back. She explains, “I decided to give Ava away to a family member, and she named Ava Skylar. She took her back to Chicago, a week later, I wanted my baby back. She didn’t want to give her to me, so I had to call my mother to get her back. She got her immediately. My mom went to go get her. My mom dropped Ava off to Ms. Lyte’s house, where James was staying at.”

The dispute intensifies when Ms. Lyte finds out that Ava’s legal name is Skylar and not Ava Jashea, as she and her son believed. She expresses her pain, saying, “Honestly, my son died not knowing his baby’s biological name. Because my son had tattooed on his face ‘Ava Jashea.’ My son would have got the baby’s name changed if he had known.”

In the end, the DNA results reveal that Ms. Lyte is related to Ava with a relatedness percentage of 99%. Ms. Lyte, overwhelmed with relief and joy, says, “Thank you. Oh, thank you. We can do what we gotta do. And get her name. I’m very happy I could deliver this result today.”

The episode concludes with Ms. Lyte expressing her desire to change Ava’s name to Ava Jashea Miller, the name her son had chosen for her, and the name he had tattooed on his face. The episode is a poignant reminder of the complexities of family relationships and the enduring power of love and connection.

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