[REVIEW] “She Looks Innocent” But Phone Evidence Makes Man Believe Otherwise | Paternity Court

The episode revolves around a woman named Eubanks and her partner, Wilkes, as they grapple with doubts about the paternity of their three-month-old son, Mazi.

Eubanks is determined to prove that Wilkes is the father of her child. She is unwavering in her conviction, claiming she is 1002% sure that Wilkes is the father. Her ultimate goal is to get married once the DNA results confirm her assertion. Eubanks’ emotional turmoil is evident as she discusses the impact of Wilkes’ doubts. She says, “It affected me tremendously, like emotionally. Because I love him and I want to be with him. And it’s just… It just hurts sometimes.”

Wilkes, on the other hand, is plagued by uncertainty. He confesses that he didn’t feel a connection when Mazi was born, which is unusual for him as he usually feels a connection with his children. His doubts have led to sleepless nights, as he stays up late, stressing and wondering about the paternity of Mazi. He says, “I mean, I stay up late. Uh, sometimes… Like, I’m stressing, really. Like even growing gray hairs. I’m only 30 years old.”

The couple’s relationship began at a strip club during a family member’s birthday party. However, it took a turn for the worse after their first child was born, leading to a break-up during which Wilkes believes Eubanks was dating other people. Wilkes states, “She was definitely talking to other people at the time.”

The situation is further complicated when Wilkes finds a video of Eubanks dancing with another man at a club during their separation. Despite Eubanks’ insistence that she only had eyes for Wilkes, the video raises doubts about her fidelity. Wilkes says, “You’re the only eyes for me, but, I mean, I have video of something that’s showing me something totally different.”

The episode reaches its climax with the DNA results confirming that Wilkes is indeed the father of Mazi. Eubanks and Wilkes express their love for each other and plan to move forward with their relationship. Eubanks says, “Because I love him. Like, I try to show him every day that I’m about you, and it’s just you.”

The presiding judge, Lauren Lake, provides advice to the couple, saying, “There are certain things in our lives as parents you have to give up. If you want to have the kind of relationship you dream about. Right? ‘Cause these videos right here, they gonna get you in trouble every time. Both of you all just set boundaries and set a foundation that leads you to the type of life you want for your children and for yourselves, and that way nobody’s out of pocket on video.”

This episode of Paternity Court is a testament to the complexities of relationships, the importance of trust, and the emotional toll that doubt can take on individuals and their relationships. The resolution, with the confirmation of Wilkes as the father, provides a sense of closure and a path forward for the couple. The episode serves as a reminder of the importance of trust, honesty, and communication in maintaining healthy relationships.

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