[REVIEW] The Mess Continues! Man Returns After Tricking 3 Of His Lovers | Paternity Court

In a tumultuous and emotionally charged episode of Paternity Court, a man, Mr. Wallace, finds himself in a heated dispute over the paternity of his child and in resolving disputes between three women he has been involved with.

Mr. Wallace, who is married with three children, has also had a child with another woman. He admits to not loving his children’s mothers and believes he shouldn’t have gotten married. “I never had a father to teach me how to treat women,” he says, explaining his behavior. He also admits to lying but does not admit to cheating. “I admit to lying, but I did not cheat,” he states, adding another layer of complexity to the situation.

Ms. Almanza, one of the women involved, claims Mr. Wallace still loves her, but he denies it. “He still loves me,” she insists, but Mr. Wallace quickly retorts, “That’s not true.”

Another woman, who claims to be the soon-to-be Mrs. Wallace, is also present. The judge questions why she would want to be with someone who has a pattern of infidelity and multiple women have come forward with similar stories. “Why would you want to be with someone who has a pattern of infidelity?” the judge asks, highlighting the complexities of the situation.

The conversation becomes heated as the women accuse Mr. Wallace of being a liar and cheater. A man insults his wife in court, calling her a whore and accusing her of cheating on him. The judge reprimands him for his behavior and orders him to leave the courtroom. The man later apologizes and explains that he never had a father to teach him how to treat women. “I apologize. I never had a father to teach me how to treat women,” he says, showing remorse for his actions.

The DNA results in the case of Roberts v. Wallace reveal that Mr. Wallace is the father of baby Donyell Wallace. “Mr. Wallace, you are the father of baby Donyell Wallace,” the judge announces, bringing a sense of closure to the dispute. Ms. Austin is asked to leave the courtroom due to the volatile situation, and Ms. Roberts is welcomed back. Mr. Wallace apologizes for the pain and suffering he caused all three women involved in the case. “I apologize for the pain and suffering I caused,” he says, showing remorse for his actions.

Ms. Roberts and Mr. Wallace are in court to resolve a custody dispute over their son. Ms. Roberts accuses Mr. Wallace of favoritism towards their son and neglecting their other children. “You show favoritism towards our son and neglect our other children,” she accuses. Mr. Wallace apologizes for his behavior and acknowledges that Ms. Roberts is a great mother. “I apologize for my behavior. You are a great mother,” he says, showing his respect for Ms. Roberts.

Despite the tumultuous proceedings, the episode ends on a hopeful note, with Mr. Wallace expressing his desire to be a father to all of his children. “I want to be a father to all of my children,” he says, showing his commitment to his family.

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