The Only Indian Tribe Without Men: Women Give Birth, Leaving Only Daughters

It is a primitive tribe in the Amazon, the only place where there are no men and the male gender is not respected.

The world is so big, each place has different customs. People can experience different customs, which is also quite interesting. What we’re talking about today is a primitive tribe in the Amazon. I believe many people have discovered or learned about some primitive tribes in other countries on the Internet. And it has things in common with the primitive tribes, but there are also differences.


Among the primitive tribes of the Amazon, there is a most “secret” female tribe. According to tourists, when you come to this tribe, you basically don’t see any difference, this is exactly the world of women and you will wonder, if there were no men here, how would women come here? this?

This is a pure Indian tribe born and developed in the Amazon rainforest. Women here are very strong, they can hunt, gather and make their own life from an early age.

The women here are very strong, they can hunt, gather… (Illustration).

When the girls in the tribe reach adulthood, they will go to other tribes to look for healthy men to lead back to their tribe.

The man’s only “mission” is to help the woman give birth. Once the “duty” has not been fulfilled, no one can leave that land. After the child is born, if it is a girl, it will be kept by the mother’s side to raise it. 


On the contrary, if they unfortunately give birth to a boy, the child will be left in a remote wilderness, self-birth and self-destruction. Faced with hundreds of dangerous animals in the Amazon jungle, it’s almost impossible for the poor child to survive.

This practice of living is indeed inhumane, but no one can judge or forbid them. We live in a completely different environment, so the way we live must also be different.

Similarly, in a place in China called “Women’s Kingdom”. In a border valley between Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, about 40,000 people of the Ma Thoa (Mosuo) ethnic group live in lakeside villages.


It is the women here who “take power”, making the most important decisions. They control the family finances, have ownership rights to land, houses, full rights to have children and raise them.

Here, they can freely choose for themselves several lovers – men. The results of one-night stands are children, raised by the woman’s family. The father of adult men is called “uncle”, there is absolutely no stigma about not knowing who the father of the child is.

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