The Rescue Of A Tiny Dog Whose Are Filled With Nothing But Fear


When Hope for Paws was notified that a tiny Chihuahua needed their help, they didn’t hesitate. However, the tiny dog was so fearful that it made the rescue even more heartbreaking.

A little cream Chihuahua is found starving and all alone. Clearly abandoned, the dog needed help but was so scared of people that it was hard to gain its trust enough to catch it so that it could get the help it needed.

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It was hard to imagine what had led this tiny, sweet cutie to end up all alone on the streets and become so fearful of people. Obviously, at some point, someone must have cared about the little dog but that was no longer the case.

The dog tried to snap and bite, even with experienced rescuers. So, they were forced to get the noose to try to catch the scared dog so that they would get the dog to safety. Finally, with lots of treats, they finally caught it.

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But the dog was still afraid and clearly didn’t trust them. It was afraid to be touched and even though starving, was scared to even take treats from their hands but the lure of food was just too great to ignore.

Once they had the dog, they carefully tried to gain the dog’s trust enough that they could comfort it. They began by tenderly trying to pet the little dog and ever so slowly, the tiny nugget allowed itself to be touched.

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Soon the touches led to cuddles. And that’s when things started to turn around. The little dog realized that they were only trying to help and before long was looking forward to cuddles from the rescuers.

Soon the fearful little dog made a happy turnaround and was now acting like a happy little dog without a care in the world. Watching the pup run and play, it is hard to believe that this is the same terrified dog that was discovered living on the street.

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Thanks to Hope for Paws, the cute dog had a second chance at life. Never again would it know cold or hunger or go without love. We’re so happy to see this pup’s amazing transformation. We hope you enjoyed this sweet rescue story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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