21 Balloon Animals By Japanese Artist Masayoshi Matsumoto


By: Anuradha 

The human mind is really amazing. Almost
all the breath-taking creations in the world were once just a thought
originated in an ordinary human mind and thanks to all those creative people,
today we are enjoying the luxury of many things. From the time we wake up to
the time that we go back to bed, we are enjoying the benefit of many men made
creations and apart from all these material things, human contribution to arts
is also indispensable. Many sculptures, paintings and other forms of arts are
important as they don’t only enrich our mind but also shows the talent and
skills of fellow humans.

We are now going to talk about another such
beautiful creation but the specialty of this creation is that it is totally new
and it will give you something to think about what exactly you can do the world
if you just give it a thought.

Masayoshi Matsumoto is a famous balloon
artist in Japan that anyone would love to have in their birthday parties and he has already made a name for himself. His newest
creations are just wonderful! He has created some insect sculptures with
balloons and the final image is just amazing!

He told Metro that:

“I started making these seven years ago, I was really inspired by wildlife pictures and wanted to see if I could create realistic animals of my own”.

He usually takes a minimum of two hours to
complete a sculpture and more complex projects last up to six hours. The most
wonderful thing is that he doesn’t use markers, stickers or any other
supplementary material and his animal kingdom is really more than being

So, scroll down to see some of his creations and share your thoughts with us! 

More info and image credit: Twitter | Tumblr

1. Phoenix.

2. House fly.

3. Chameleon.

4. Octopus.

5. Caterpilla.

6. Snake.

7. Jellyfish.

8. Frog.

9. Jumping spider.

10. Siamang.

11. Cockatiel.

12. Bee.

13. Ostrich.

14. Skunk.

15. Bat.

16. Spider.

17. Snow monkey.

18. Beetle larva.

19. Beaver.

20. Rockhopper penguin.

21. Griffon.

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