Dog cries over friend’s dead body and tries to wake it in heartbreaking footage


A loyal dog has been filmed pawing at its dead friend’s body before whimpering over it after it had been hit by a car.

The heartbreaking moment was captured in the city of Huancayo in Peru and posted to animal association Sueno Compartido.

In the clip, the pooch can be seen pawing at his pal as it lies motionless on the pavement.

It seems to struggle to come to terms with what has happened and tries to wake its friend.

A woman can be heard saying “poor little dog” as the moment unfolds.

The video was shared with the message: “It’s useless wanting to do something against the death that is there, not knowing how to comfort its mate that is crying about it (the dead dog), that is trying to reanimate it and with barks and tears it must be looking for help too.

The dog standing by its friend

“There is a lot to learn about those angels who are victims of human cruelty.

“I hope someday we will be real-thinking beings and we take on the responsibility of having those little angels. I’m very sad about this miserable reality.”

The animal association said that the dogs were found on the same day three other stray dogs had been run over.

After the footage went viral online, viewers flocked in to voice their despair at the emotional scenes.

“Sad this is a reality of every single day, caused by abandonment. I won’t keep saying again and again that people who are not sensitive to dogs are repugnant,” one wrote.

Another commented: “It breaks my heart, damn.”

It is unclear what happened to the dogs after the video.

The footage comes weeks after another dog was filmed crying over the grave of its owner.

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