Homeless Street Dog Overcomes The Odds And Learns To Walk Again

Seriously injured and suffering, a homeless dog could only lay on the side of the road and wait for someone to save him.

When help finally came, he was writhing in pain and could not stop crying. His pelvis was broken so he couldn’t stand or walk. He appeared to have all but given up and was obviously suffering.

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So, his rescuers covered him with a blanket and took him to the vet. Once there they learned that he also had epilepsy, a high fever, and internal bleeding. But even in his condition, the sweet dog showed nothing but kindness to the people trying to save him.

They provided the care that he needed but they could only hope for the best. Thankfully, soon their efforts seemed to be paying off and the dog began to get a little stronger and eat with the help of hand-feedings

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As days passed, he got strong enough to stand and that’s when they started to teach him to walk again. It was a lot of work but no one was giving up on the beautiful dog. The dog never gave up either and continued to fight to survive.

Every day, they helped the dog walk so that his back legs could grow stronger. At first, he could barely move his paws but after a while, his coordination began to improve. Soon, he was introduced to a wheelchair, which would help change his life for the better.

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With his chair, the sweet dog had more freedom to move but it was apparent his back legs were still not coordinated or strong enough to support him. But that didn’t stop him from trying.

Then one day a miracle happened, the beautiful boy stood and took a few steps on his own. And once he did, he never stopped. With his tail wagging, he tried to stand and walk over and over again.

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It wasn’t easy and there was a lot of pain, but the dog never gave up. Even when he fell, he would get right back up again. Then after five weeks of trying, he finally was able to walk more than a few steps.

Each day that passed, he got stronger and stronger. It was hard to imagine that he was once a homeless, street dog. He loved his new life and the people who saved it and never gave up on him.

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